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What Most T&E Solutions Overlook

Here’s the One Thing Most T&E Solutions Overlook

Rich Beattie

31 Oct 2023
2 minute read
Future-proofing a company's T&E solution is essential — and very doable.

It’s easy to focus on the problems of today. But what about tomorrow?

That’s an essential question to ask when it comes to travel and expense (T&E) solutions. Why? For many companies, T&E is one of the toughest — if not the toughest — category to manage. Using a solution that’s not prepared for the future can result in overspending with both time and money, even in the near future.

Managing T&E effectively both now and moving forward requires a solution that’s ahead of the curve — one that can adapt to life’s curveballs and has the capacity to scale with your company as it grows. In other words, you need a T&E solution that’s future-proofed.

That’s why we created the guide, The One Thing Most T&E Solutions Overlook.

What does it mean to be a future-proofed T&E solution? It means having functions that are flexible enough to adapt to new conditions. It means building in features that other solutions haven’t even considered. It means keeping up with the latest technology and leveraging its benefits, just like Navan has done by using generative AI to create Ava, which acts as data analyst, hotel concierge, and more.

And it means listening to customers, understanding their pain points, and continuously striving to make their lives easier. In fact, that’s exactly why we created Navan Connect, which enables customers to keep the corporate cards they love and also take advantage of the innovative Navan Expense platform.

Here’s what to look for in a future-proofed T&E solution and the benefits you can reap from this essential feature.

Get the guide: Download The One Thing Most T&E Solutions Overlook now.

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