Expense management reimagined

Finally, get complete control and visibility of employee spend in real time.

Automate expense management from swipe to reconciliation

Expense with ease

Employees can upload a photo of their receipt or add a connected corporate or business card to have details synced automatically

Drive efficiency at scale

Automate reconciliation and eliminate expense reports with our revolutionary expense technology

Real-time monitoring

Track and monitor business spend in one place, and turn insights into action with real-time analytics

Manage your company at scale while never going over budget

An assortment of Navan and partner cards

Navan Connect

  • Bring your own card: Link your existing Visa or Mastercard to the Navan platform while keeping your rewards and banking relationships.
  • Gain unparalleled control: Eliminate out-of-policy spend with proactive spend controls that are auto-enforced at the point of purchase.
  • See each expense in real time: Get full visibility into expenses the instant they happen.

Navan discretionary expenses

Expense Management

  • Control employee spend: Customizable, conditional spend controls are enforced at the point of swipe, with out-of-policy spend flagged to eliminate wasteful spending and fraud.
  • Automated expense management: With the swipe of the card, transaction details are categorized and reconciled, eliminating the need for expense reports.
  • Global rapid reimbursements: Reimburse employees for out-of-pocket spend within days — not weeks — across 45 countries and 25 currencies.

Real-time Reporting

Real-Time Reporting

  • Real-time visibility: Track every dollar spent in real time and get a consolidated view of all global spend across cards and reimbursements.
  • Data-driven decisions: Reduce spend leakage, improve forecasting, and optimize expense policies with real-time contextual insights of spend data.
  • VAT compliant invoices: Navan enables businesses to capture, track, and report on VAT transactions so they can reclaim up to 25% on their expenses.

"Since switching to Navan Expense, we are saving 15—20 hours per month on expense management."

Jurie Victor

Director of Finance & Accounting

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