G2 Ranks Navan Spend Solution #1 Overall

G2 Ranks Navan Spend Solution #1 Overall

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Alex Roha

19 Dec 2022
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G2 users rank Navan the best business spend solution overall

Navan (formerly TripActions) spend management solution is starting the new year as #1 on the market once again, according to verified user rankings in the G2 Winter 2023 report. The remarkably high usability score of 94, which outpaces the industry average of 88, is based on a high satisfaction rating and a strong market presence for users worldwide.

Satisfaction with features like controls, reimbursements, savings, and forecasting contributed to Navan's overall high score. Because Navan spend solutions are built into its corporate cards, all the expense management work is automated once the card is swiped. Employees no longer need to submit expense reports, and accounting teams spend less time on reconciliation.

The Winter 2023 scores for Navan confirm that managing spend doesn’t need to be complicated. Navan builds solutions to work together rather than compete with one another like legacy systems. By pairing Navan's best-in-class business travel solution with automated expense management, businesses can control spending while boosting productivity and adoption across teams and markets.

Thanks to these features and their ease of use, a whopping 95% of users would recommend Navan, according to the report.

These rankings are a significant honor, as G2 is a third-party tool that independently assesses the quality of products. The reviews of Navan in the recent Winter 2022 G2 rankings highlighted users' love and satisfaction for the overall solution and its features:

  • Quality of Support: 94% vs. 92% average
  • Ease of Use: 97% vs. 94% average
  • Ease of Admin: 94% vs. 92% average

“We love the spending visibility and control Navan provides,” said Andrew W., a Navan user, in a G2 review. “We can slice and dice the data on our employee spend, providing visibility to management on who is spending where and why. This saves us countless hours each month—navigating disconnected systems, manually reconciling credit card statements, reviewing piecemeal documentation, etc.”

Whether it’s for small companies preparing to scale or large enterprises looking to easily deploy solutions, Navan improves the way teams manage finances in organizations of all sizes. By putting spend controls together with proactive policies that are programmatically built into smart cards, spend management is finally automated—from swipe to reconciliation. Plus, interactive dashboards provide real-time visibility for more informed decision-making.

To learn more about why users choose Navan for spend management, download the G2 Winter 2023 Report today.

Ready to streamline company spending and implement an all-in-one travel and expense management solution? Schedule a demo to see how our spend solutions work, or get up and running with Navan in just 5 minutes.

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