Introducing the Belong DEI Council at Navan

Introducing the Belong DEI Council at Navan

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Samantha Shankman

8 Mar 2022
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“We believe every relationship matters whether it’s among our teams, customers, or partners. Our vision is for everyone to contribute in a meaningful way and embrace what it means to be a part of a truly diverse community that prioritizes equality,” says Navan Head of DEI Shaka Senghor.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion is a priority at Navan and our teams walk the talk. We know that cultivating diversity and celebrating individuality not only empowers all of our employees, but brings in new ideas and concepts which help us continue to challenge the status quo.

To continue and exceed our previous efforts, Navan introduced the Belong: DEI Council in January 2022. This is a group of 20 Navan employees who collectively help further the company’s DEI strategy, foster intersectionality and collaboration across demographic specific ERGs, and support company-wide efforts to build awareness and increase visibility.

These individuals are also the global co-leads for our Employee Resource Groups. Navan ERGs bridge the gap between teams and offices. Whether members share common identities or simply want to learn to be an ally, ERGs lay the foundation of belonging as well as play an integral role in working with our leadership team to advance discussions on diversity, equality, inclusion, and belonging at Navan.

“The new DEI initiatives have been exciting to witness. It's heartening to see the company actively invest in nurturing a diverse workplace, cultivate engaging conversations, and support marginalized communities. I'm particularly energized about the ERGs and their role in reinforcing Navan as a ‘Best Place to Work’ worldwide,” shares Jessica Johnson, Manager, Travel Experience Leads.

The Belong: DEI Council includes representation across 10 ERGs. These include Outbound, which recognizes the importance of inclusivity among the LGBTQA+ community; Vamos!, which empowers Navan to represent the LatinX communities; Twende, which celebrates African ancestry; and WhoRunTheWorld, which supports and encourages women at Navan to advance their skills and leadership potential. We’ll be profiling each of them in the months to come.

“This is my first time working for a company that has had an ERG in place. It is refreshing to see that the company really values culture and diversity instead of just saying that they do,” says Alexis Goodman, Associate Recruiter, Travel Experience who is a part of Twende.

“Historically as a Black American, we have to try to conform to the norms of society, which sometimes means that we can’t be our authentic selves in the workplace. Here at Navan, I feel that I can be my whole self everyday.”

During a time when our world continues to remain divisive, it is so important that we carve out these spaces for our employees to come together and connect on a human level. The umbrella Belong ERG works on accelerating the growth of Navan’ culture into a paragon for diverse and inclusive workforces. Together, we will continue to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is an instinct, not an initiative.

Learn more about Navan and our culture of diversity.

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