The Navan Corporate Travel Sustainability Report

The Navan Corporate Travel Sustainability Report

Samantha Shankman

22 Nov 2021
2 minute read
Blog Image // The TripActions Corporate Travel Sustainability Report

While sustainability has been a hot topic for years, enterprises around the globe have approached the issue with a renewed commitment coming out of COVID-19.

Ninety percent of companies in the S&P 500 today publish sustainability (CSR) reports to hold themselves accountable to their sustainability goals. But just tracking numbers is not enough. Businesses are looking to ensure that their sustainability efforts are not only measured, but actionable.

Companies need tools and information—including the Navan Corporate Travel Sustainability Report—as they embark on a more holistic way of traveling and doing business.

In support of an industry move towards more sustainable practices, Navan introduced an all-new Sustainability Suite earlier this year to help corporations and individuals track and reduce their carbon emissions. Navan also recently announced its partnership with Neste, the world’s largest producer of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), making it the world’s first corporate travel and spend solution to enable customers to purchase SAF directly from the producer and supply it to the airlines.

Navan not only provides the tools, but the context of how to use them.

The Navan Corporate Travel Sustainability Report brings executives, finance leaders, and travel professionals a comprehensive look at the environmental challenges facing global organizations today and how, with the right tools and information, enterprises can become agents of change at an individual and collective level.

It outlines the following 5 principles to help guide each company’s journey towards sustainability as global enterprises adopt new tools and tech to realign their operations for the future.

The sustainability steps outlined in the corporate travel sustainability report center around five key topics:

1. Plan: Craft a plan, build a budget, then set up policy controls and approval flows that stop unnecessary travel from happening.

2. Measure: Create a carbon goal and use real-time data to track how your company, business units, and individual travelers are measuring up.

3. Inform: Help travelers make more informed booking decisions based on carbon, cost, and convenience; cultivate conversations around responsible travel.

4. Compensate: Select a partner to either offset carbon emissions (over time) or capture them (in real time).

5. Iterate: Continuously evaluate what works, what doesn’t, and where to improve, to make your travel program as sustainable as possible.

Download the Navan Corporate Travel Sustainability Report to make each of these topics actionable today.

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