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Lime Picks Navan for Sustainable Travel Management

How Lime Makes Travel Sustainable with Navan

Samantha Shankman

2 Jul 2024
2 minute read
How Lime Makes Travel Sustainable with Navan

When Lime, the San Francisco-based leader in shared micro-mobility, set a target of net-zero carbon emissions by 2030, its leadership had to explore every possible avenue for reducing carbon emissions, including how the company manages business travel — and that’s where Navan came in.

Before Lime partnered with Navan, the company’s corporate travel was unmanaged, leaving employees to book their travel and submit expenses afterward. This decentralized approach made it nearly impossible to track and manage the carbon footprint of their business travel. 

Additionally, without a unified system, it was challenging to educate employees about the environmental impact of their travel choices and encourage more sustainable decisions

Navan’s sustainability tools and features were an attractive benefit in Lime’s decision to partner with the company as its corporate travel solution.

Andrew Savage

VP, Head of Sustainability, Lime

Andrew Savage, Lime

Since adopting Navan in June 2018, Lime has saved $2.7 million and gained real-time insights into travel-related carbon emissions. This visibility into their environmental impact has aided Lime’s net-zero mission.

Explore all of Navan’s sustainability tools here.

“Lime leadership leverages Navan’s CO2 emissions report to track how the company is progressing towards its carbon goals and to check in with company leaders,” said Andrew Savage, VP and Head of Sustainability at Lime.

Navan’s tools play a crucial role in raising awareness about the individual impact of travel. Providing potential carbon emissions for each flight during the booking process empowers travelers to make more sustainable choices and fosters a sense of engagement in Lime's sustainability journey.

The Rail Alternative Pop-up is also instrumental in raising employees’ awareness of the impact of their travel. It informs travelers searching for a flight when there is a rail route for journeys under 650 kilometers / 400 miles, potentially representing a lower-emission travel option. 

Lime’s commitment to sustainability across the business seems to be paying off: The company’s 2023 carbon inventory report found Lime cut emissions intensity from its 2019 baseline by 59.5%. In 2023 alone, it cut emissions by more than 16% year-over-year, even while growing its business by over +32% in the same period. Travel will continue to play a role in Lime’s ambitious path to net zero.

Read more about how Navan helps Lime build a more sustainable travel program.

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