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Navan's 2024 Sustainability Tools

8 Key Tools That Will Support Your Company’s Sustainability Goals

Samantha Shankman

3 May 2024
3 minute read
Navan Sustainability Tools to Track & Reduce Emissions

At Navan, our goal is to facilitate meaningful connections while ensuring the preservation of our planet. 

In 2019, Navan began offering customers the ability to opt-in to receive carbon impact data at the corporate and traveler level to help customers reach their environmental goals and address their environmental considerations. 

In 2021, Navan released a new sustainability suite that expanded the toolkit to include carbon emissions budgets, a real-time CO2 analytics dashboard, and an emissions calculator — in addition to the insights available at checkout and on each traveler’s profile page.

Navan is committed to supporting customers in their sustainability endeavors. With Navan’s sustainability features, organizations can effectively track, measure, report, and reduce their environmental impact.

These are the real-time data, technology, and tools Navan offers, so that customers can make sustainable decisions and reduce the environmental impact of their travel:

Emissions Calculators

To ensure consistency and accuracy in emissions measurement, Navan enables organizations to utilize the three globally recognized methodologies: DEFRA, TREMOD, and ICAO. These calculators enable businesses to track progress effectively and transparently.

Emissions Calculator

Real-Time CO2 Analytics Dashboard

Enhanced data access allows organizations to identify carbon emissions by department and mode of travel in real time. With this granular insight, businesses can prioritize areas for emission reduction and develop accurate carbon emissions budgets. This data is accessible via Navan’s API for seamless integration into existing systems.

Real-Time CO2 Analytics Dashboard

Carbon Emission Budgeting

Organizations can establish a carbon budget based on historical expenditure, Navan’s recommendations, and industry benchmarks. This feature enables businesses to monitor and manage travel emissions effectively to help them reach their sustainability goals.

Emissions Visibility During Flight Shopping

Navan enhances transparency by displaying the carbon emissions associated with each flight option during the booking process. Tangible examples illustrate the impact of CO2 emissions, which empowers customers to make informed choices and engage in sustainable travel practices.

Emissions Visibility Flight Shopping

Rail Alternative Pop-up

Navan informs travelers when there is a rail route for journeys under 650 km / 400 miles, which often represents a lower-emission travel option. 

Rail Alternative Pop-up

Individual Emissions Visibility

Navan gives users transparent visibility into their CO2 emissions, including detailed breakdowns by transportation mode and historical data. This holistic approach empowers users to make informed decisions and take proactive steps toward reducing their individual environmental impact.

Individual Emissions Visibility

Navan’s comprehensive compensation service enables customers to offset unavoidable emissions effectively. It simplifies access to high-quality carbon credits and ensures customers can contribute to meaningful environmental initiatives while offsetting their carbon footprint.

Sustainable Aviation Fuel

Through a first-of-its-kind partnership with Neste, Navan supports customers with access to sustainable aviation fuel — a pivotal technology for addressing scope 3.6 emissions which refers to any emissions from business travel.

With access to these innovative tools, organizations can leverage data-driven insights to significantly minimize their carbon footprint and offset unavoidable emissions effectively — and make a tangible difference in the fight against climate change.

To learn more, download the guide, 5 Steps to Building a More Sustainable Travel and Expense Program Today.

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