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Gipper Ditches TravelPerk and Expensify for Navan

Gipper Ditches TravelPerk and Expensify for Navan

The Navan Team

4 Apr 2023
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a smiling man because he found an alternative to TravelPerk and Expensify

As small businesses grow, they need a tech stack that will scale with them. Gipper, a graphic design platform made for sports administrators in K–12 schools and collegiate athletic departments, needed an alternative for its disjointed travel and expense (T&E) system.

A significant number of Gipper’s 60 employees in the United States and India travel to attend scholastic conferences and to promote the company. But Gipper had several challenges that resulted from its stitched-together T&E solution, including:

  • Confusion and chaos using manual expense reports
  • One person booking travel for all employees — with a debit card
  • Employees paying for travel out-of-pocket and being reimbursed weeks later
  • Big gaps in visibility and expense reporting

Initially, the company tried TravelPerk because of its partnership with Expensify. 

“We booked one conference with TravelPerk and it was awful — just a terrible experience,” said Brooklyn Picard, Gipper's partnership activations coordinator. “They ended up charging our employee’s card for everything instead of the card we had on file with them. And it was a hassle to get it reimbursed.”

Gipper then switched to Navan, the only company that delivers a vertically integrated T&E platform. Navan’s all-in-one solution helps streamline and automate T&E from swipe to reconciliation. 

For Gipper, the time and cost savings were huge:

  • Time savings of 10 hours per week
  • 93% customer satisfaction for support (CSAT)
  • 77 Net Promoter Score (NPS)
  • Reimbursements happen within 24 hours
  • 38% net savings on hotels; 18% net savings overall on travel

"I’m now the star of the company because of Navan. It’s just made everyone’s lives so much easier," said Picard.

Learn more about how and why Gipper switched to Navan.

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