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Leapwork Switches from TravelPerk to Navan to Scale Its Global Growth

A detailed look at three business travel interfaces using the Navan app on mobile

Leapwork had a better year than most in 2020. The Danish startup experienced massive expansion, growing its team 271% and opening four new offices across Europe.

Leapwork’s visual, no-code automation platform makes it easy for business and IT users to automate repetitive processes, so enterprises can adopt and scale automation faster.

“Automation is key for everyone as they’re trying to cut costs. The ongoing digital transformation is pushing companies to ramp up their testing and that’s where we really help our customers,” explains Lasse Mejling, VP of Strategy & Finance at Leapwork.

But leadership quickly realized that its former TMC, TravelPerk, was unable to scale with the company and its rapid expansion.

“Our existing travel management platform simply couldn’t scale to meet our global needs,” noted Christian Brink Frederiksen, CEO of Leapwork.


  • Low employee adoption
  • Overlooked policy
  • Complicated approvals process
  • No insight into employee location

Results with Navan

  • One-stop shop with great inventory
  • Duty of care with Business Travel Continuity Suite
  • Smooth UX + ease of use
  • Dynamic pricing for European cities

Navan team business trip to Berlin

A Global Solution that Scales

Leapwork’s team was struggling with multiple issues, including inventory gaps, an inability to access negotiated rates, and a lack of adoption with TravelPerk.

Their primary goal—critical to unlocking the rest—was to increase employee adoption. With adoption comes visibility into all employee travel, which empowered Leapwork to fulfill its duty of care and protect traveling employees.

A close look at flight policy settings using the Navan desktop app

An Aligned Approach

As any fast-growing company knows, culture is a critical part of ensuring success in the long run. Leapwork and Navan are committed to using the latest AI and machine-learning technology to bring their customers the best possible service and product. Navan's capabilities allowed Leapwork to build its travel policy in alignment with its growing company culture.

The switch to Navan was easy and seamless. I wish we had switched to Navan sooner.

Christian Brink Frederiksen


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