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Finance Firm Finds Solution in Navan Expense

Finance Firm Finds Winning Solution in Navan Expense

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Samantha Shankman

26 Apr 2024
2 minute read
Standish Management Case Study | Navan

Standish Management is on the cutting edge of innovation in fund administration and technology solutions — an industry where precision and efficiency are essential. 

With a rapidly expanding team and increasing demands for seamless travel and expense management, Standish Management found its previous systems, including Concur, unequipped for its growing needs. Kristen Ruffin, the information technology advisor at Standish, recalls the pre-Navan era as a time of inefficiencies and missed opportunities for optimization.

Recognizing the need for a comprehensive, integrated solution, Standish Management turned to Navan. Features that caught the company’s eye were Navan’s customized policy controls, rapid reimbursements, and revolutionary group travel tool

The Navan Revolution: Customization Meets Efficiency

Implementing Navan introduced specific solutions tailored to diverse needs and ensured that the reimbursement process became swift and hassle-free. The result directly benefited the team members’ satisfaction and productivity.

With Navan, Standish Management experienced a paradigm shift. The cumbersome approval processes were replaced with streamlined, automated workflows. The intuitive policy controls and the ability to issue physical and virtual cards for team members meant that Standish could now offer a more flexible, responsive financial management system. 

These improvements led to an impressive savings of more than $100,000 in the past year alone. The company also saw high platform and mobile app adoption rates, reflecting the system’s ease of use and effectiveness.

Additionally, the ability to customize travel and expense options based on role and project requirements — as well as Navan’s dynamic reporting and group travel tools — set a new standard for business. 

As Standish Management continues to grow, so does its strong and enduring partnership with Navan. Continuous improvements and feature updates, fueled by customer feedback, exemplify Navan’s unwavering commitment to meeting and exceeding its clients’ expectations. 

Standish Management’s journey from tackling operational inefficiencies to achieving a streamlined, scalable T&E process is a testament to the power of innovative solutions in driving business success. 

Read the full story of how Navan helped transform Standish Management’s T&E program.

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