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Penn Group Cuts Expense Reconciliation Time by 73%

Penn Group Cuts Expense Reconciliation Time by 73%

Libby Zay

17 Jun 2024
2 minute read
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Before discovering Navan, employees at the Penn Group of Companies were drowning in receipts and tedious expense reports.

The manual expense reconciliation process at this real estate and construction company drained valuable resources and time, leaving employees frustrated and bogged down with paperwork.

Penn Group sought a way to automate its expense processes, and maintaining the company’s existing regional and national banking relationships was crucial.

Thanks to Navan's card-link technology, Navan Connect, Penn Group seamlessly integrated the Navan platform with its existing corporate cards — and they saw an immediate transformation.

What is Navan Connect?

Navan Connect is an innovative card-link technology that allows businesses to enjoy all the perks of automated expense management without switching from their current trusted bank cards.

The company has since benefited from:

  • 73% reduction in reconciliation time: Monthly expense reports take a fraction of the time.
  • Real-time visibility: Instant expense tracking means no more end-of-month surprises.
  • Increased efficiency: Automatic categorization and allocation of expenses streamlines processes and frees up employees to concentrate on impactful work.

Explore the full case study to see how Navan helped Penn Group.

Out in the field, Navan's user-friendly platform allows employees to snap photos of receipts and submit them from any device, transforming expense management from a headache to a breeze.

Navan saves me an immense amount of time. During our first monthly close, I pulled the data from Navan and uploaded it to our ERP in less time than it used to take me to distribute everybody’s statement.

Robert Oden Jr.

Staff Accountant, The Penn Group of Companies

Back in the office, each Penn Group accountant used to spend 11 hours per month on reconciliation. Now, each spends less than three, so they can now focus their time and energy on strategic initiatives.

Overall, the company is saving 62 hours per month on expense management.

Ready to revolutionize your expense management? Check out the full case study to see how Navan can make a difference for your business!

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