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Small Business Switches to Navan, Saves 11% on Travel

Small Business Switches to Navan, Saves 11% on Travel

The Navan Team

30 Aug 2022
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“For us, as a smaller business, Navan is absolutely worth the investment. I can’t imagine going back to what we did before,” explained Shellie Roanhaus, executive assistant to the CEO of Premier Talent Partners.

The San Francisco-based staffing company was previously using consumer travel websites to book travel, American Express as its corporate card, and Expensify as its expense management tool. Reporting was delayed, the annual fees were adding up, and the process was time-consuming. Roanhaus was spending 5–10 hours per week managing travel for the company’s 68 employees.

As the workforce went remote due to the pandemic, the company needed a new—and scalable—solution. They made the switch to Navan and have since seen:

  • 11% net savings on all bookings
  • 21% savings on hotels
  • 100% platform adoption
  • Exponential time savings on travel management

“We’ve reached the point where all of our employees across the country can book their own travel,” said Roanhaus. “I can’t see why we’d ever go back to having a human do all that manual work.”

The company also earns 1% back when using the Navan Expense corporate card on travel, monthly bills, utilities, and advertising costs. “Having an all-in-one travel and expense solution where we can earn 1% back on all of our spend is huge for us,” said Roanhaus, adding that the company has received more than $10,000 back from the Navan corporate card rebate in the past year alone.

Learn more about Premier Talent Partners' experience with Navan.

More than 8,000 companies have modernized travel, corporate card, and expense management solutions with Navan, making giant leaps in cost and time savings while improving visibility, control, and employee satisfaction. See more customer success stories in the Resource Center.

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