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Reinventure Drives Growth through Travel with Navan

Reinventure Drives Growth through Travel with Navan

The Navan Team

8 Jul 2019
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Blog Image // Reinventure Drives Growth through Travel with TripActions

Meet Louise Tomlinson, a single-booker who’s conquering her company’s travel woes with ease.

Louise is part of Reinventure, a founder-first corporate venture capital firm in Sydney. Reinventure champions founders who have the vision, ambition, and hustle to transform an industry across Asia-Pacific and beyond, propelling them forward with the support of a top 20 global bank. That’s where Louise comes in.

As Executive Assistant to the Managing Partners at the firm, she manages the travel that the team undertakes to make in-person connections happen. Reinventure’s focus has historically been within fintech; however, they are now growing and starting to explore opportunities in other industries such as retail, artificial intelligence, and more. “As our number of ventures accelerates and we expand overseas, it became important to me that we implemented a travel solution which worked for both travelers and for me,” Louise said.

With international travel for the team growing year-over-year, last-minute travel plans and complicated itineraries are the norm at Reinventure. On top of that, updates to their itineraries often require flight and hotel reservation changes. “When I joined the team, we also had no visibility into how much we were spending on travel and we had never even considered building reporting to optimize that spend,” Louise added.

After researching multiple options, Louise was immediately drawn to Navan. “Navan aligns with Reinventure on both a culture and product level — with high growth and innovative ideas, it’s just like the companies we invest in,” said Louise.

From the fast response of the Navan sales team to the quick-and-easy demo, Louise was instantly sold. While juggling executive needs and her day-to-day responsibilities, she was thrilled with how smooth and speedy the onboarding process was. “I started booking on the platform the day we signed the contract,” Louise said.

Reinventure’s travelers love that Navan keeps everything all in one place and guides them through their journeys, alerting them of check-in, boarding, and any delays. And Louise is a champion user of Navan, taking advantage of all the platform's features to give her travelers the best experience possible.

“Navan is efficient, it saves time and we’re monitoring the company’s travel spend for the first time ever. I have already seen a huge benefit in cost savings, and due to the complex nature of our travel I've managed to free up a lot of my time to work on other projects thanks to Navan,” said Louise.

Her favorite part? The Navan support team.

“I’m super happy with the service and the support team are always so quick and so friendly. Making changes to our team’s complex travel itineraries is so easy. I no longer wait on the line with the airline for an hour — I just online chat to the Navan support team and it’s fixed! I tell all my contacts at the companies we invest in to use Navan if they want the best experience in business travel.”

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