A Look Back at Navan DEI in 2022

A Look Back at Navan DEI in 2022

Samantha Shankman

15 Dec 2022
3 minute read

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are a priority at Navan, and our teams’ efforts grow and become more integrated with each passing year.

Navan kicked off 2022 with the introduction of the Belong: DEI Council—a group of 20 employees who help further the DEI strategy, foster collaboration across employee resource groups (ERGs), and support company-wide efforts to build awareness.

“When I reflect on this past year and all we have accomplished together, I'm immensely proud,” said Gabrielle Quezada, who leads the DEI program at Navan. 

“Building a solid foundation from the ground up—one that will yield economies for years to come—is no small feat. And yet, it has felt effortless with how engaged and committed folks across the company are in driving positive change. We're creating a special culture with a real sense of belonging, where everyone feels empowered to advocate for equitable outcomes and to uplift each other. It has been beautiful to be part of this journey and exciting to think about how our collective efforts will continue to grow and evolve.”

The Belong: DEI Council held monthly DEI events at Navan's global offices to promote visibility and welcomed new hires as part of curated onboarding efforts. The Council is also closing the year with a global holiday goods drive to provide gifts and donations to local children’s hospitals and community organizations in Dallas, Austin, San Francisco, Palo Alto, New York, Salt Lake City, Sydney, Lisbon, and London.

The Navan blog profiled a different ERG each month during 2022, and in each post, team members shared insights and stories. 

“We empower and invest in our ERGs and have seen their incredible growth and impact in supporting and uniting our diverse communities,” said Gabrielle. “They are vital to the cultural experience here and help to foster inclusion, deepen connections, build community, and increase representation.” 

To learn more about the specific ERGs and see why many team members refer to these groups as their “home” at Navan, explore the series below:

This year, Navan also developed social impact partnerships to drive toward equitable outcomes with organizations like Climb Hire and Global Glimpse. Beyond that, it hosted the “Future Leaders” campaign, sponsored by Navan Expense, which shared the stories of three Black-owned small businesses and awarded one entrepreneur with a credit of $5,000 to spend with the Navan Expense card and through the Navan platform to build their enterprise.

Navan leadership understands that cultivating diversity and celebrating individuality empowers employees and brings in new ideas and concepts that help the company continue to challenge the status quo. During a time when divisiveness remains a challenge in the world, it’s essential to carve out spaces for employees to come together and connect on a human level. Together, we will continue to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is an instinct, not an initiative.

Learn more about the Navan approach to DEI.

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