TripActions’ reassurance during these challenging times

Every day, companies face a number of threats that could affect their operations. Examples range from natural disasters to cyber attacks. TripActions is well-positioned to respond to such threats with proactive plans in place to avoid and mitigate risks associated with any potential disruption of operations and any potential interruption in service to customers, partners and/or suppliers.

Most recently, we have seen COVID-19 impact global health, economies, and company operations worldwide. As we face continued uncertainty as a result of the coronavirus, TripActions continues to prioritize the safety, security and business continuity of our customers, partners, suppliers and employees.

TripActions’ Response Recovery team has led the company’s response to COVID-19, enabling TripActions to take the following steps to ensure business continuity and maintain our commitments to customers, partners and suppliers:

In order to ensure that we continue to support and deliver for our customers, partners and suppliers, we also took the following actions to protect the health, safety and well-being of our own employees:

Our Response Recovery Team continues to actively monitor the COVID-19 situation and has prepared plans that will be activated once deemed appropriate to return to a steady state.

We recognize that now is the time to stand together with our fellow employees, customers, partners and suppliers despite being apart. We are focused on emerging from this global health crisis stronger than ever, together. We look forward to when we can all get back to business travel, safely. We at TripActions are here to help. Should you have any questions as it relates to the TripActions Business Continuity plan or our response to COVID-19, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager.

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