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Here's the Secret Weapon Companies Are Using to Promote Employee Well-Being

Here's the Secret Weapon Companies Are Using to Promote Employee Well-Being

Libby Zay

5 Apr 2022
2 minute read

Workers worldwide are feeling record rates of burnout and strains on mental health, yet 6 out of 10 employees claim their boss doesn’t support time off. As companies struggle to recruit and retain talent, it’s clear that transforming vacation culture in the workplace is crucial for keeping employees happy.

Promoting the use of paid time off (PTO) can help:

  • Combat employee burnout and promote work-life balance
  • Attract and retain talent—especially in this competitive job market
  • Boost employee productivity, creativity, and motivation
  • Lower employee healthcare costs

Companies that use Navan as an all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense solution have the added benefit of allowing employees to book personal travel through the platform. Those employees can book leisure travel with access to the same discounted rates, global travel options, and unrivaled support that they receive when booking for business.

As companies look to fix the disconnect between time-off policies and company culture around using PTO, they can leverage Navan as an employee perk. It’s an easy—and free—way to support time off that can help create a PTO-positive workplace culture.

Guide: Why Personal Travel Benefits Are the Perk Companies Should Offer Now

Download the guide to learn:

  • Why encouraging PTO is good for business
  • How companies can help meet the need for employee downtime
  • How to leverage Navan Personal Travel as an employee perk

Already a Navan user? Simply click the “Personal” tab on the Navan booking tool to start planning your next trip.

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