TripActions Kicks Off 2021 by Winning Two Awards

TripActions Kicks Off 2021 by Winning Two Awards

Rich Beattie

6 Jan 2021
Blog Image // TripActions Kicks Off 2021 by Winning Two Awards

We developed the TripActions platform always keeping the customer top of mind, so we’re thrilled when our customers give us high ratings. And we’re excited to announce that our customers gave us such high ratings on business technology review site TrustRadius that we’ve won two awards:

  • Best Feature Set Award. Our users rated us highly for the breadth and utility of the product features we’ve worked so hard to develop.
  • Best Customer Support Award. This award is “truly an indication of customer love,” says TrustRadius. And clearly, our customers felt the love from our dedicated Customer Success Team.

To win both awards, we had to garner enough reviews that mentioned these areas, as well as rank in the top three spots in the percentage of positive responses.

To be clear, these aren’t anonymous reviews. TrustRadius uses a multi-step process to vet and verify that the reviews are from actual customers. As a result, B2B tech buyers love TrustRadius because the authentic reviews help them make better decisions. And we love TrustRadius because they share our philosophy of transparency and trust.

We’re thrilled that our customers feel the same way we do about TripActions. They are why we’ve developed unique features like the TripActions Business Travel Continuity feature set and TripActions Liquid™, our revolutionary spend management system. They’re also why our Customer Success team strives to go above and beyond, every single day. And let’s face it: In 2020, both of these were extremely important.

But don’t worry—we won’t let these awards go to our head. We’ll keep pushing to further develop our robust suite of features and to keep our travel managers and travelers happy with the best possible customer support through 2021 and beyond.

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