Navan Introduces Sherpa Integration for Safer Travels

Navan Introduces Sherpa Integration for Safer Travels

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Samantha Shankman

16 Oct 2020
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Blog Image // TripActions Introduces Sherpa Integration for Safer Travels

As business travel continues to rise, international travel restrictions and limitations are more prevalent than ever before.

To support our travelers in the near term with quarantine restrictions and the long term with visa requirements and more, the Navan team has partnered with Sherpa for a fully integrated experience. Travelers can now investigate the restrictions and documents necessary to travel from one country to another -- all before they ever book their flight.

It’s never been more critical for everyone - from employees to travel managers - to have real-time access to international travel procedures and information. Through our partnership with Sherpa, users no longer have to search multiple websites or resources for the latest information on international travel restrictions.

Navan users now have access to:

  • International travel restrictions in a centralized placed before booking travel
  • Visa requirements based on destination and traveler passport type
  • Mandated health procedures/documentation required upon entry
  • Quarantine and mask requirements upon arrival
  • Ability to apply for and purchase a visa from the Navan platform, powered and supported by Sherpa
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With Sherpa, Navan becomes the single source of truth for all international travel information needed for employees, travel managers, executives, and even leisure travelers.

Additionally, you can trust that you’ll have the most comprehensive access to travel data with the free-to-the-public Navan Business Travel Recovery™ Tool and our COVID-19 Report in the Navan Travel Manager Dashboard. All together, these will help you and your employees assess the safety of travel, understand any associated government regulations, and use other pertinent real-time data to guide your policy decisions and prepare for upcoming trips.

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