Navan Travelers Now Earn Rewards on Personal Bookings

Navan Travelers Now Earn Rewards on Personal Bookings

The Navan Team

14 Feb 2024
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Navan Rewards: 3 ways to earn, 1 travel platform - Final

Navan, the pioneer in incentivizing employee travel behavior, is once again redefining the rewards game. Starting today, travelers can earn Navan Rewards not only for business but also for personal travel, unlocking a new era of unparalleled perks.

Navan travelers can now stack rewards earned for business hotels, personal hotels, and their favorite third-party loyalty programs — all in one platform.

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, work-life balance continues to be top of mind, travel demand is booming, and companies are looking for ways to recruit and retain employees. A recent Navan + Skift survey found that 81% of business travelers want their companies to give them a financial kickback if they save the company money — a policy only 67% of companies have in place. 

Meanwhile, blended or bleisure travel bookings have accelerated, with a 76% year-over-year jump in leisure travel extensions made via Navan. According to the Skift + Navan survey, 68% of business travelers plan to add personal days to a business trip, and 58% of managers actively encourage them to do just that.

All of these factors have paved the way for leisure travel incentives to emerge as the ultimate employee incentive, and companies that use Navan can leverage the platform as a work perk.

As before, Navan fully funds 100% of rewards. There’s no cost to our customers.

3 Ways to Earn Rewards on Navan

Scoop up travel savings, faster: Triple-dip on rewards. Only with Navan. - Final

Because travelers can link their preferred loyalty programs with Navan, they now have the unique opportunity to triple-dip rewards. It’s as easy as 1-2-3:

  • Earn Navan Rewards on business travel
  • Earn Navan Rewards on leisure travel
  • Earn third-party loyalty points and miles 

Whether extending a business trip or booking a standalone vacation, the more travel booked on Navan, the more potential to earn rewards.

Unlock the Savings Vault

The average traveler saves 25% per personal booking* when applying Navan Rewards.

Why Travel Rewards Work

By incorporating Navan Rewards, companies not only incentivize employees to choose cost-effective options but also foster loyalty, engagement, and platform adoption. 

Companies Win with Navan Rewards

Navan saw 19% higher adoption rates** when customers used Navan Rewards. Additionally:

Asana’s average nightly hotel rate is 23% less for people who book with Navan Rewards incentives.

APCO Worldwide has saved 19% on its travel program, and 8% of those savings are generated from Navan Rewards.

Lime saw average daily rates drop to 40% below the company’s policy cap.

It’s simple to see how Navan Rewards benefits everyone involved. Employees are excited to book on Navan and earn rewards, and admins gain visibility into spend, save time, and earn traveler trust. 

Ready to change employee spend behavior by rewarding travelers for choices that save your company money? Get started with Navan in as little as five minutes.

Additional terms apply; offer subject to change. See the full Navan Rewards terms and conditions.

*Reward value may vary. Reward redemption data is from May – July 2023.

**Adoption rate based on data from customers participating in the Navan Rewards program from Aug. 2022 – Jan. 2023.

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