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Asana Enhances Global Efficiency with Navan’s Full Suite

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Global SaaS giant and longtime Navan Travel partner adds Navan Expense to its tech stack.

With 1,800 employees and over a million users worldwide, Asana is a publicly traded enterprise work management platform that helps companies organize, track, and manage work, all in one place.

But until recently, the company was not managing its travel and expense program all in one place, which led to frustrations when scaling globally.

Asana has used Navan for travel management since 2018 and saw some stellar results, such as 13% savings on hotel bookings. In March 2023, Asana adopted Navan’s full suite of products by adding its expense management and payments solutions — and the move to all-in-one has proved to be a winning strategy.

Challenges Before Navan

  • Global scalability
  • Time-consuming reporting process
  • Poor payment acceptance rate
  • Long reimbursement process

Solutions with Navan

  • Single, global T&E solution
  • 98% of P-card transactions auto-approved
  • Frictionless payment experience
  • 24-hour global reimbursements
  • Real-time visibility

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Expense Problems at Global Scale

Asana had been using Navan to manage global travel, but things got complicated when it came to keeping track of expenses and spending. The company used separate providers to manage its expenses and corporate card transactions in the U.S., and globally, the company maintained multiple banking relationships.

One significant difficulty was poor payment acceptance rates, which meant merchants were declining transactions — and employees were understandably frustrated. At reporting time, the program manager for travel and expense had to manually convert global currencies to USD, which wasted hours and opened up the potential for manual errors.

A collage view of the expense reimbursements interface on the Navan mobile app and a man enjoying the Navan app on his phone

Upgrading to All-In-One with Navan

Global scalability was the number-one reason why Asana started looking for a new solution for its expense and spend management woes. Now that the company is up and running with Navan Expense, the company has immediately seen the benefits of a streamlined, end-to-end solution.

Today, 98% of transactions made with Navan purchase cards are auto-approved. And deploying Navan Expense has also led to faster reimbursements globally. With the disparate solutions in play, employees had to wait to get money back in their pockets. With Navan, employees typically get reimbursed within 24 hours.

Having travel and expense under one system simplifies everything. It’s unmatched versus the hodgepodge of multiple providers across expense management and corporate cards we used before.

Vern Carandang

Program Manager for Travel and Expense

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Photograph of a Navan traveler carrying their luggage and enjoying the Navan app

Navan Travel Retrospective

As a longtime Navan Travel partner, Asana has seen firsthand how the solution can make corporate travel enjoyable for travelers, effortless for admins, and beneficial for the company’s bottom line.

“We’ve seen a lift from a cost savings perspective thanks to dynamic pricing,” Carandang said, referring to the fact that Navan allows Asana to build custom policy controls and determines a fair market price for every trip search. “Having those dynamic policies and configurations has been good for us because Navan provides a visual cue for our employees to be mindful of pricing.”

Asana has also seen substantial cost savings thanks to the Navan Rewards program, which incentivizes travelers to book hotels that save the company money. The latest figures show that Asana’s average nightly hotel rate is 23% less for people who book with Navan Rewards incentives.

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