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7 Reasons Why APCO Worldwide Switched to Navan

After experiencing frustrations with its former travel management solution, APCO Worldwide sought a more intuitive, efficient, and comprehensive solution — and it found Navan.

We sat down with Philip Fraser, chief information officer, to understand the key factors that led APCO to make the switch and why Navan emerged as the superior solution.

Navan + APCO Worldwide: By the Numbers


savings on travel


avg. chat rating


net promoter score

(top percentile)

7 minutes

avg. booking time

(flight, hotel, and car)

Top Reasons APCO Switched from Egencia to Navan

A collage view of the expense reimbursements interface on the Navan mobile app and a man enjoying the Navan app on his phone

1. Modern User Experience

"We formerly used Egencia. We found the whole process a little bit clunky. I think one of the things our staff was looking for is a tool that felt modern and familiar to some of the tools that they were using for booking personal travel."

A detailed look at three business travel interfaces using the Navan app on mobile

2. Better Inventory

"One of the major issues we struggled with was inventory. It was very common to hear from our employees who were comparing the inventory that was available on Egencia to the inventory they could find through their own searching online. "

Navan hotel modal with an example of rewards

3. Cost Saving Incentives

"One of the things I often hear people talk about is how Navan Rewards incentivized them to choose better options. There have been many occasions where people have been pleasantly surprised that they can benefit from choosing one hotel over another to get personal travel rewards.

Overall, everyone’s been left with a really good feeling. Employees have a platform that’s easy to use and incentivizes them to make smart, cost-conscious decisions — which also benefits APCO."

Navan has helped us modernize business travel for our employees, and our employees are telling us they’re having a really good experience. They’re really enjoying using the Navan platform. It’s turned something that was previously regarded as painful and onerous into something that’s now regarded as efficient and forward-thinking.

Philip Fraser

Chief Information Officer, APCO Worldwide

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Philip Fraser

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