Meet Navanian Whitnee Hawthorne Who Champions the Customer Experience

Meet Navanian Whitnee Hawthorne Who Champions the Customer Experience

Samantha Shankman

10 Mar 2023
2 minute read
Navan celebrates Women's History Month by celebrating some of our incredible women leaders.

Navan is committed to uplifting women, embracing equity through company values, and being involved with nonprofit and community impact causes. As March is Women’s History Month in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, we’re profiling innovative women throughout the organization. 

Today, we spotlight Navan Chief Customer Officer Whitnee Hawthorne, whose commitment to strengthening and evolving the employee and customer experience through technology is felt throughout the organization and by all who use Navan.

Whitnee joined Navan as Senior Vice President of Travel Experience in December 2021 after spending more than a decade in the travel industry. While originally tasked with leading remote and Dallas-based English language travel agents, she quickly moved into the CCO role within six months. She has led with authenticity and maintains a sharp focus on employee well-being and customer joy.

In a recent WIN/WIN podcast from Women in Innovation, Whitnee shared her insights from the front lines, including implementing customer insights in product features and finding balance when prioritizing customers and company goals. 

Whitnee didn’t start her career in the travel industry. After roles at HBO and E-Trade, where she gained work experience to join a graduate program, Whitnee found inspiration in the complex world of travel when she met an American Airlines representative at a school event. They would later reach out with an offer. 

Whitnee gained valuable experience at American Airlines and oneworld alliance before moving to JetBlue, where she led customer support through a digital transformation. She developed and executed an IT strategy and launched the first JetBlue/Barclays card co-branded product suite.

In addition to her professional experience, Whitnee is deeply passionate about supporting and uplifting women in the workplace — especially mothers.

Whitnee is the founder of The Savvy Working Mom and the Savvy Working Mom Podcast, which serves as a guide to helping parents thrive in and out of the office by sharing tips and frameworks for success. She also co-authors the Millennials' Guide for Working Parents: Balancing Work, Parenting, Life, and Everything in Between.

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