Talent Spotlight: Luca Gotta's Growth Journey at Navan

Talent Spotlight: Luca Gotta's Growth Journey at Navan

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Samantha Shankman

3 Aug 2023
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Get insights into life at Navan from Luca Gotta, who discusses the hybrid work culture, growth opportunities, and technology.

Navan prides itself on its diverse, talented teams who work tirelessly to ensure customers have the best travel and expense experience. To show what that looks like in an employee’s day-to-day life, we’re highlighting our Customer Care Lead for Travel Experience, Luca Gotta, who embodies the spirit and ethos of the travel experience team.

Luca joined Navan in May 2022, and in just over a year, his trajectory has been phenomenal. The fast-paced, dynamic environment in the Lisbon office pushed Luca to ascend to senior agent. He initially joined as an experienced agent, and thanks to his extensive experience in tourism, he quickly made a significant impact.

Within his first few months, Luca started onboarding new agents, guiding and shadowing them during their initial days at Navan. His experience and keen understanding of Navan’s operations made him a natural mentor, and he relished the opportunity to share his knowledge with the new joiners.

“I started as a travel agent in Italy, going door-to-door before moving to an online travel agency and now Navan. I feel so appreciated,” said Luca.

In February 2023, Luca seized the opportunity to move to the customer care team, a critical arm of Navan’s operations, where he plays a crucial role in handling more complex customer cases, ensuring issues are swiftly addressed and rectified. He works closely with other teams and managers to maintain high customer service. Navan’s customer satisfaction score year-to-date is 88%, and the team is constantly iterating its approach to best serve customers.

Luca Finds His Flow

Luca thrives in Navan’s hybrid environment. He’s part of a distributed team, with members spread across Lisbon, London, the U.S., and Australia. Working with a distributed team presented a unique set of challenges, but with the help of tools like Slack and Zoom, Luca and his team have created an efficient communication system. He enjoys the balance of working remotely while meeting with his local team in Lisbon’s office. 

“I work from home on days when I have a specific case that I need to focus on. On other days, I’ll go to the office when I need to be more connected to my colleagues. We give and receive feedback around what’s working,” said Luca.

This hybrid working model has helped Luca focus on complex cases, enhance his problem-solving skills, and maintain strong ties with his team members.

Navan’s culture, specifically its value of “Raising the Bar,” initially attracted Luca to the company. He believes that continual learning and growth are integral to being a travel agent. 

He’s found that every day is an opportunity to learn something new, adapt to changes, and keep pushing forward at Navan. This dynamic environment and the chance to work with teammates worldwide make Navan a genuinely unique workplace.

“One of the most beautiful aspects I love here at Navan is that we grow and move fast daily. As a travel agent, it’s in our DNA to learn new things, and we can leverage that at Navan,” said Luca.

A Human-First Culture

In terms of his future at Navan, Luca is keen on growing with the team and helping new members find their footing in the company. He sees potential in a management role where he can continue mentoring others and actively participate in Navan’s expansion.

“The people at Navan are amazing,” said Luca. “My former manager, Senior Manager of Travel Experience Jax Sassine, has grown at the company for five years. He looks out for everyone. He encouraged me to expand my capabilities and role. The manager is important because he/she pushes you, telling you what you’re doing great and where you need work.” Luca now reports to Customer Care Manager Samantha Hall.

Luca encourages anyone considering a career at Navan to apply.

“For anyone considering a career at Navan, I’d point to the unparalleled learning experience, positive working environment, and the incredible people you’ll work with,” he said.

In his opinion, Navan is at the cutting edge of travel and technology. The company continuously pushes the envelope and allows its travel agents to learn and use various tools. With a forward-thinking management team and supportive colleagues, Navan provides an enriching environment for personal and professional growth.

At Navan, there are many stories like Luca’s from individuals who have embraced the company’s vision, values, and culture and play a vital role in its growth and success.

Navan is actively hiring travel experience team members globally. See available positions at Navan.

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