Meet the Winner of the Navan Expense “Future Leaders” Campaign

Meet the Winner of the Navan Expense “Future Leaders” Campaign

Samantha Shankman

15 Mar 2022
2 minute read

Navan Expense is excited to announce that MacKenzie McClain Hill, founder and CEO of LumiBloom, is the 2022 winner of the Future Leaders campaign!

Our communities voted for the winner, and MacKenzie will receive a credit of $5,000 to spend on the Navan Expense card through the Navan platform to continue building her enterprise.

Congratulations, MacKenzie!

The Future Leaders campaign—sponsored by Navan Expense—shared the stories of four business owners via blogs and Instagram Live posts with Navan Expense's Head of DEI, Shaka SenghorDiversity holds enormous importance for Navan, and—to help honor Black History Month as well as Women’s History Month—we wanted to put our technology where our hearts are and offer real support to the Black-owned businesses changing the world today.

MacKenzie McClain Hill founded LumiBloom on the belief that feeling confident and empowered is an important step in achieving your dreams. As a mother, entrepreneur, and elite athlete, she is focused on supporting women as they move through their many and multifaceted roles in modern life.

“I really wanted to empower other people, women in particular, to have the products and things that they need to reach for their dreams and achieve success—whatever that might look like for them. LumiBloom is more than a store. It’s a movement to support a community of women…to uplift and support each other in reaching their goals,” says MacKenzie.

“I’ve tried to create a brand that is very well-rounded and universal, so whether you're black, brown, white, or whatever, you can feel that the LumiBloom brand represents you—and that's building a community of women you want to be a part of.”

If you didn’t follow along, we encourage you to read all the interviews and learn about each of these incredible founders and their businesses. The two finalists were:

Learn more about diversity, equality, and inclusion at Navan.

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