GBTA Recognizes Superior Efforts of Navan Employees

GBTA Recognizes Superior Efforts of Navan Employees

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The Navan Team

17 Dec 2021
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The account management team at Navan works around the clock to bring the best possible travel service to corporations and travelers and program managers around the world. But this is more than a job for most. Our team members choose Navan because they have a passion to not only keep the world open and moving...but to improve how the travel and expense industry works together to achieve that goal.

GBTA recently recognized two special members of the Navan account management team at its recent convention in Orlando for their contribution and dedication.

Robyn Gilmartin, Principal Enterprise Customer Success Manager, and Madia Sargent, Director of Enterprise Travel Experience, were recognized for their roles in redesigning the GBTA bylaws as part of the Ready Safe Travel Task Forces. The task force received the President’s Award and the industry organization celebrated the members’ passion and commitment to making the business travel industry better and stronger year-round.

As their Navan teammates noted, “We are not one bit surprised by their efforts, involvement, and determination to always go above and beyond! Thank you for all that you do and for being such a leading presence in the industry!”

With the many changes that the travel industry has experienced in the past two years, we are proud of the leadership that Navan has embodied as an organization. This is only possible to do to the individual efforts of our thousands of employees around the globe.

Thank you, Robyn and Madia for going above and beyond to help our industry not only recover but thrive in 2022 and beyond.

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