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3 Navan Expense Features Released in April

Unlock Efficiency with Navan Expense's April Updates

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Jennifer Lee

29 Apr 2024
3 minute read
3 Navan Expense Features Released in April

When Navan Expense launched four years ago, the goal was to eliminate expense reporting for finance leaders and employees, everywhere. A goal that big requires constant iteration, a value held closely by our team, so it’s understandable that every month lends itself to micro-improvements and features that enhance the product and experience from any  POVs. 

While not every announcement is as monumental as the launch of Navan Connect, which brings the magic of Navan Expense to companies with any enrolled corporate Mastercard® or Visa® card, every feature does bring us and our customers above and beyond that original vision.

In April, Navan Expense rolled out exciting new features designed to streamline expense management processes and empower users with greater control and visibility. Let's dive into the latest enhancements that are set to revolutionize the way businesses manage their expenses.

External Purchase Cards on Navan Connect

What's New: Expense admins can now assign imported cards from their Navan Connect card program as purchase cards. These purchase cards are typically leveraged for specific purposes, such as spot purchases or recurring subscriptions. And with Navan Connect, they have built-in policies and controls that flag transactions exceeding the spend limit.

Why It Matters: This update significantly improves flexibility in expense management. Previously, a one-to-one relationship was required between a Navan Connect card and a user, limiting the card's utility. With the introduction of external purchase cards with Navan Connect, spend limits can now be configured based on card purpose, which provides users with more autonomy (individual’s spend limit will not be applied) and finance teams with more control and visibility over business spending.

To access this feature as an existing Navan customer, contact your account manager today.

External Purchase Cards on Navan Connect

Pinned Filters

What's New: Expense admins can pin frequently used filters directly to the Transactions list. This functionality allows admins to easily personalize their view and access important data, eliminating the need to navigate multiple menus.

Why It Matters: By pinning frequently used filters directly to the Transactions list, Navan Expense streamlines the expense management workflow for admins, saving time and clicks. This feature empowers admins to focus on the expenses most critical to their workflows, enhancing efficiency and productivity.

Pinned Filters

Travel Invoices and Receipts Ready in Two Hours

What's New: Navan now offers digital travel invoices and receipts on the mobile app and web platform within two hours of a booking, reducing the previous wait time.

Why It Matters: The expedited availability of digital invoices and receipts helps Navan Expense customers reconcile expenses faster, improving efficiency and user experience.

With these latest feature updates, Navan Expense demonstrates its commitment to driving efficiency, control, and user satisfaction in expense management. By empowering users with enhanced functionality and streamlining key processes, Navan Expense meets the evolving needs of businesses worldwide.

Demo Navan Expense today.

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