The Total Economic Impact™ of Navan (Formerly TripActions)

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Learn how consolidating travel, corporate card, and expense management solutions can affect your business' bottom line.

As businesses return to offices and airports, finance and travel teams need to ensure seamless and efficient experiences for employees as well as accurate reporting and insight into company spend. That requires having the right systems.

To help illustrate the power of consolidating travel, expense, and corporate cards into one platform, Navan commissioned Forrester Consulting to determine the Total Economic Impact™ of our solution on a business.

Download the study to learn how Navan's all-in-one solution:

  • Helped both finance and travel managers realize a 20% gain in productivity

  • Gave interviewed businesses a composite 153% return on investment expected over three years

  • Enhanced employee experience

  • …and more!

"Having both [travel and expense] in one place was [an] important point that we needed when we were deciding on what [solution to choose]. ... I didn’t have a team that I can lean on [to] track down the different things I needed. Something that puts it all together in one place ... was important to me. ... That’s a big thing. I don’t spend all my time on this. I have other things I need to do and I’m able to get everything done.”

— Shared service director, Industrial construction

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