IDC Report: Navan Named a T&E Leader for Enterprise Companies

Read why Navan earned a place in IDC's most prestigious category.

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IDC, the global market intelligence firm, has performed an independent, in-depth analysis of Navan’s unique travel and expense capabilities and has awarded the company a place in its prestigious Leader category as a solution for enterprise companies in 2023. IDC recognized Navan for its robust capabilities, alignment with customer needs, and future strategy that, says the report, will still meet customer requirements in 3 to 5 years. 

Download this report to learn how: 

  • Navan meets the unique needs of enterprise companies, such as handling a high volume of team travel and coping with complexity at speed

  • An integrated approach to travel and expense makes the Navan solution seamless across travel and expense

  • A cloud-native architecture, self-serve tools, and a card-centric travel program distinguish Navan from its competitors

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