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Relayr Finds Unified Travel, Corporate Card, and Expense Solution in Navan

A collage view of a paris trip itinerary on the Navan mobile app, a complete expense spend overview using the Navan desktop app, and a Navan corporate card

Relayr, an IoT tech company based in the U.S., Germany, and Poland, was frustrated with its disjointed travel and expense (T&E) solution.

With employees worldwide, Relayr found that using one company as its corporate travel solution and another to manage expenses resulted in a poor user experience across the board.

As Relayr sought a tech-forward solution, Navan Expense overshadowed legacy platforms.

“As we scoped new solutions, what stood out with Navan Expense was the overall user experience,” said Joel Jeselsohn, CFO of Relayr. “A unified travel, corporate card, and expense solution with powerful reporting capabilities, built-in policy controls, the option for virtual and physical cards; these modern features are why we chose Navan Expense.”


  • Disjointed travel and expense solution
  • Poor user experience
  • Lack of policy controls
  • Lack of real-time visibility into global T&E

Results with Navan

  • Global, unified travel, corporate card, and expense solution
  • Over 95% employee adoption of Navan Expense
  • 98% compliance to max-price company policy
  • Comprehensive visibility in real time

A collage of a submitted expense using the Navan mobile app and a Navan corporate card

Smart Cards Signal the End to Expense Reports

Navan Expense smart cards earn their name with policy controls built directly into the virtual and physical cards, allowing Relayr to streamline its travel and expense policy and effectively eliminate expense reports.

“Expense reports are a thing of the past. What Navan Expense has brought to the market is the end of expense reports,” said Jeselsohn.

A desktop view of a complete expense spend overview using the Navan app

Unrivaled Global Reporting Capabilities

“The unified T&E solution provides complete visibility into global travel and spend,” said Jeselsohn. “Compared to our legacy solution, it’s night and day.”

Picture of a Navan operator giving a thumbs-up

24/7/365 Global Support

For Relayr’s road warriors traveling throughout Europe and the United States, traveler support remains essential. Whether it’s a last-minute itinerary change, a new travel restriction due to inclement weather, or a public health crisis, travelers can access 24/7/365 global support via chat or phone and talk to a real human.

As a result, Navan has earned a 90% CSAT score from Relayr’s road warriors.

The unified T&E solution provides complete visibility into our global spend. We are able to close the month without delay because we can now see all global transactions in real-time.

Joel Jeselsohn


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Joel Jeselsohn

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