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Luck Grove Saves Time and Money with Navan's Travel & Expense Platform

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For Luck Grove Telecom, a telecommunications consulting firm, the urgent need for a tech-powered travel and expense (T&E) solution came during a period of frenzied hypergrowth borne out of the pandemic.

Prior to 2019, Luck Grove had 15–20 field engineers who traveled regularly on behalf of the company. But the shift to a work-from-home model led to a surge in demand for faster home Wi-Fi, and today, Luck Grove is a company of more than 300 employees.

Despite that growth, the company’s travel was still an individual managed effort, and expense management was still 100% manual—a nightmare for business operations and a time suck for finance.

But in Navan, Luck Grove found the technology necessary to scale.


  • Confusion and chaos using manual expense reports
  • Poor spend visibility not compatible with scale
  • One corporate credit card with multiple users
  • Extra-long time for reconciling expense reports

Results with Navan

  • Single, unified T&E solution
  • 18% cost savings on all bookings
  • 100% customer satisfaction rating 
  • 95% mobile app adoption
  • 15–20 hours per month saved on travel management
  • 8 hours per month saved on expense management

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Beyond Easy Implementation

“Implementation was phenomenal,” said Jon Quinlan, Director of Human Resources. “Our Navan account manager, Arian Pazooki, was super helpful. And once we onboarded, adding new employees to the system was seamless. It is beyond easy.”

A close look at flight policy settings using the Navan desktop app

Built-in Policy Drives Cost Savings

“Having built-in policy controls is incredibly helpful to the finance team,” said Andriana Dourdas, Luck Grove’s finance and accounting manager, “because, one, employees are incentivized to save the company money; and two, they can only choose from the inventory we put in front of them. This is immensely helpful from a budgeting perspective.”

In the four months since implementing Navan, some telling statistics have emerged within Luck Grove: 16% savings on flights, 19% savings on hotels, and 4% savings on rental cars. Together, it adds up to 18% savings for the company.

A detailed look at three business travel interfaces using the Navan app on mobile

Simplified T&E Saves Admins Time

“We are a travel-heavy company, with a quarter of our employees traveling throughout the country to survey land and telecommunications equipment. Navan has helped us streamline the entire travel process and provides unprecedented savings,” said Quinlan.

Quinlan notes that Luck Grove’s Chief of Field Operations who oversees travel saves 15–20 hours per month or more thanks to Navan's travel solution. Dourdas adds that Navan saves her at least 8 hours per month on month-end close.

We grew from a smaller company to one with nearly 300 employees practically overnight, so something as simple as automated expense categorization has been huge for us. Navan saves me so much time, and it saves the company a lot of money.

Andriana Dourdas

Finance and Accounting Manager

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