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HammerTech Adopts Navan to Accelerate Growth

New York business trip itinerary on Navan

HammerTech, a fast-growing HSEQ company based in Australia, relies on Navan to empower in-person connections that drive its business forward.

HammerTech is a fast-growing end-to-end HSEQ (health, safety, environment and quality) platform for construction sites and commercial residential builds. Based in Melbourne, Australia, HammerTech works with 250+ clients globally and is currently expanding into the U.S.

Despite the innovation of its product and agility of its team, HammerTech’s travel management platform held it back. Adam Hobbs, Vice President of Global Sales at HammerTech, knew that the sales team needed the right tool to expand and work in a way that aligned with the company’s core values.

“Navan has an app that’s truly innovative so it really fits into the culture that we’re trying to build here at Hammertech,” Adam recently shared.


  • Frustrating, time-consuming booking process
  • Little insight or control over travel spend
  • Inefficient approvals workflow
  • Little to no support or duty of care

Results with Navan

  • Modern, intuitive booking flow
  • Real-time reporting and data
  • Self-serve flight change
  • Time savings & increased productivity

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Fast Implementation & Instant Improvements

The implementation process was nearly instantaneous, and HammerTech started to see time and cost savings almost immediately.

“It’s hard to quantify exact time savings, but I can book trips instantly instead of a half-day minimum. You multiply that across a sales team of 10, and the time savings accumulate very quickly,” Adam said.

A close look at flight policy settings using the Navan desktop app

Built-in Policy Controls

“Time is money in sales, so Navan is empowering for them because they don’t have to get permission to travel anymore. It’s massively empowering for the team to be able to go in, understand what’s in policy, book their own itineraries, and not have to ask anyone for permission. It is motivating in that respect,” said Adam.

A desktop view of a complete expense spend overview using the Navan app

Improved Reporting

"There's a very strong correlation between my account executives getting on planes and us booking deals. We live in this post-pandemic world where everyone's been on Zoom and some people are saying, ‘Should we go back to face-to-face? Does it make a difference?’ Part of what Navan enables me to do is collect the data to say, ‘Yes. Getting back to travel and getting in front of customers is going to accelerate the growth of our business,’” said Adam.

HammerTech has three values: Authenticity, unity, and innovation. The fact that we didn’t have a travel app and that our travel management solution was so manual was actually against the company's DNA. Navan has an app that’s truly innovative, so it really fits into the culture that we’re trying to build here at HammerTech.

Adam Hobbs

Vice President of Global Sales

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