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1E Streamlines Three T&E Solutions Into One Platform

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As a global software development company with offices in the UK, India, and the U.S., 1E employees travel regularly to collaborate together and meet customers around the world.

Priding itself on giving customers an excellent user experience — it has a 99% customer satisfaction rating — 1E sought a travel and expense (T&E) provider that delivered the same quality to its own employees.

Challenges Before Navan

  • Clunky and time-consuming expense process 
  • Poor visibility and control of T&E program
  • High proportion of off-platform bookings

Results with Navan

  • 16% savings on travel spend*
  • 160 hours saved per month on expense management
  • 82% mobile app adoption
  • +70 net promoter score

*Based on 1E bookings from 11/30/22 to 08/03/23

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Why 1E chose Navan

After years of using separate legacy solutions and managing its own T&E program, 1E was quickly impressed by Navan’s end-to-end travel, expense, and corporate card solution. 

In particular, the following features were influential in 1E choosing Navan:

  • Automated expense management
  • Extensive travel inventory
  • User-friendly platform
  • In-depth reporting capabilities
  • The all-in-one T&E platform

A collage view of a San Francisco trip itinerary on the Navan mobile app and the Navan spend overview on the desktop app

The Navan effect: seamless T&E

Partnering with Navan instantly streamlined three solutions into one and alleviated the frustration of managing multiple outdated T&E solutions.

Travelers’ expenses appear instantly in their mobile app, while admins get visibility of all spend through a centralized dashboard.

Previously, one person’s full-time job was managing expenses, chasing receipts from employees, and checking if spend was compliant. Now, they’ve been freed up to focus on strategic initiatives thanks to automated approval processes that are built into the platform.

A narrow collage view of a carbon emissions analytics modal in the Navan app and a man having a good time on a vespa

Looking ahead: into a greener future

The 1E travel team uses Navan’s carbon emissions reporting to track its sustainability progress, while Navan encourages travelers to take the train instead of flying for suitable routes.

And 1E employees appreciate it. The NPS score of +70 shows that by partnering with Navan, 1E has delivered on its objective to give its employees a T&E experience that meets its own high standards.

“In 2021, auditors told us we didn’t have enough visibility or control of our expenses. Navan changed that — we can now see exactly what everyone’s spending. From a financial control perspective, it’s so much better.”

Binny Sandhu

Financial Controller

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