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Apptegy Finds a Scalable T&E Solution in Navan

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Apptegy, an edtech startup that enables K–12 administrators to strengthen their school’s digital identity, found itself in uncharted but exciting territory when demand skyrocketed in 2020.

The company quickly grew from 100 to 400 employees, about a quarter of whom travel for business. Given Apptegy’s increase in business travel and spend, the company needed a travel and expense (T&E) solution that could support employees on the road and empower the company with increased spend visibility.

Apptegy tried a number of patchwork solutions like Ramp-TravelPerk and Brex-TravelBank, but the disjointed approach led to one headache after another. 

Then Apptegy turned to Navan for a truly unified T&E platform — and it hasn’t looked back.


  • Change management woes from frequently switching solutions
  • Poor spend visibility 
  • Non-responsive support
  • Time-consuming reconciliation process
  • 4 hours each month spent on manual GL coding

Results with Navan

  • Single, unified T&E solution
  • 87 expense net promoter score (NPS); 88 travel NPS
  • 93% app adoption
  • 10–12 hours per month saved on expense management
  • 13% overall savings on travel bookings
  • Conference ROI analysis

A desktop view of a complete expense spend overview using the Navan app

The Problem with Expense-Travel Partnerships

Many expense management companies partner with travel management companies to stitch together T&E solutions. These separate entities try but often fail to truly integrate.

"It took at least eight hours a month of manual work to get to a point where I felt okay presenting the data to execs," said Bob Berardi, director of financial planning and analysis at Apptegy.

After switching to Navan, Apptegy gained instant spend visibility.

A collage view of a submitted expense on the Navan mobile app, hotel search results using the Navan desktop app, and the Navan corporate card

Seamless, Unified T&E Platform Ideal for Admins

Since making the switch to Navan, a whopping 95% of Apptegy’s corporate card transactions are automatically approved and coded. This change alone has saved the company at least two to four hours per month—time that was previously spent on manual coding.

Navan team business trip to Berlin

A UI That Employees Love

Since the company switched to Navan, every Apptegy road warrior has reported a much-improved traveler experience. 

“Navan boosts the employee experience and helps with retention. It eliminates mundane tasks that take time away from team members doing their actual job,” said Berardi.

“From a scalability standpoint, this is the product that future-proofs Apptegy for the journey to enterprise. As Apptegy continues to grow, I don’t feel nervous that we will need to reevaluate and switch to another provider. Navan is going to continue to innovate and continue to grow with us.”

Bob Berardi

Director of Financial Planning and Analysis

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