Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Navan, we embrace and celebrate diversity in all forms. Fostering a culture of inclusion and belonging is inherent in our values, just as connecting people across the world is at the core of our business. The power of travel presents an opportunity to broaden our perspective, and diverse teams elevate our ability to make better decisions and ultimately revolutionize the travel and expense industry.

Ariel Cohen and Ilan Twig

A message from our co-founders

Diversity is a topic very close to our hearts. Our own personal experiences have shown us how much better teams and companies are if there are diverse backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences at every level of our business. We have better conversations and drive stronger outcomes — that’s good for our customers, good for us as a company, and good for us as a society.

We believe every relationship matters whether it’s among our teams, customers, or partners. Our vision is for everyone to contribute in a meaningful way and embrace what it means to be a part of a truly diverse community that prioritizes equity and inclusion.

Ariel Cohen, Co-Founder and CEO

Ilan Twig, Co-Founder and CTO

"Diversity leads to inclusion, acceptance, new ideas, and experiences. By fostering an environment of inclusion and diversity, we cultivate space for wider perspectives and creativity. This in turn promotes innovation, understanding our diverse customers, and happier employees."

Aimee Villalona

Commercial Customer Success Manager

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Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups at Navan are built on the foundations of trust, connection, and belonging. Bridging the gap between teams and offices, Navan employees across the globe come together to share stories and experiences whether we share common identities or simply want to learn to be an ally.

We listen, learn, empower, and celebrate one another.

Belong team icon


Belong works on accelerating the growth of Navan’s culture into a paragon for diverse and inclusive workforces. Together, we will continue to build and nurture a culture where inclusiveness is an instinct, not an initiative.

API Belong logo

API Belong

API Belong is dedicated to celebrating and learning from our Asian & Pacific Islander employees at Navan.

Family Matters logo

Family Matters

Family Matters is a community of employees who come together to share some of our best practices and learnings as working parents. We are an inclusive group for all types of parents and parent-hopefuls to feel bonded by both the difficulties and proud accomplishments that happen each day. 

Jewish Belong logo

Jewish Belong

Jewish Belong is dedicated to creating a safe environment where Jewish employees and allies can come together and celebrate our Jewish community. All are welcome!

Outbound logo


Outbound recognizes the importance of inclusivity among the LGBTQA+ community through education and social awareness in our workplace. We are on a mission to create a culture that fosters a diverse mix of perspectives, allowing employees to flourish in an environment where everyone can be their whole, authentic self.

Refresh logo


At Navan, we believe each employee should have the opportunity to live well and thrive. Refresh is here to support everyone to pursue a happy, healthy lifestyle and a work environment where they can be authentic and succeed. We are here to support each other in our physical, mental, emotional, social, and financial well-being.

Twende logo


Twende celebrates African ancestry and promotes engagement among employees who identify as part of the Black community and our allies. We offer a space to learn, share, and support one another while contributing to the diverse culture at Navan.

Vamos! logo


Vamos empowers Navan to represent the LatinX communities in which we live and work through the attraction, development, and growth of our LatinX talent. Together, we build relationships and partnerships to strengthen our communities.

WhoRunTheWorld logo


WhoRunTheWorld's mission is to build an inclusive community that supports, encourages, and empowers women through connection at Navan and beyond.

Women in Sales & CS logo

Women in Revenue

Women in Revenue is an inclusive community of women and men dedicated to fostering mentorship, community, skill development, and support. We empower and support our members with programming that includes mentorship, events, executive speaker series, and community outreach.

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