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How to Write an Effective Bleisure Out-of-Office Message (with Examples)

How to Write an Effective Bleisure Out-of-Office Message (with Examples)

Libby Zay

9 Mar 2022
5 minute read
Blog Image // How to Write an Effective Bleisure Out-of-Office Message (with Examples)

An out-of-office message for a bleisure trip—one that blends business and leisure—has a few key differences from an average automatic reply. Keep reading to understand the special considerations you should make when crafting your message and to see five examples you can use the next time you get depart on a bleisure trip.

How bleisure out-of-office messages are different:

Much like the bleisure trip itself, the beauty of a well-crafted out-of-office reply lies in the balance of the business and leisure portions. Even if you’ve perfected your automatic response for vacation and mastered your away message for business trips, it can be challenging to combine the two. And it can be particularly difficult to keep an out-of-office reply of this sort short!

What the bleisure out-of-office message must do is clearly outline all of the need-to-know information for colleagues and clients while you are away on the two separate parts of your trip. The goal is to help the colleague or client who is trying to reach you know how and when they can expect a response, and where to go for immediate help if they need it.

Keep in mind: The better you make your bleisure out-of-office message, the less likely there will be a disruption while you’re away. If things run smoothly, there’s a greater chance for more bleisure trips in your future!

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What to include in your out-of-office message:

An effective out-of-office email reply while you are away for a combination business/leisure trip incorporates:

  • The exact dates for each portion of your trip: Assuming you’ll be checking your email at least intermittently during the business portion of your trip, this helps people understand when to expect a response and when you’ll be unreachable.
  • The reason for your absence: Similarly, people will understand why you’re perhaps slower to reply than normal while on the business portion of your trip and will be less likely to attempt to contact you if they know you’re taking personal time.
  • Details on who can help while you’re away: To ensure colleagues and clients know exactly where to go for assistance, you can provide a general catchall referral or specific contacts by areas of expertise.
  • Information on when the sender can expect a response: Do you plan to check your email intermittently during either or both portions of your trip? Are you unplugging completely during the leisure portion? Let the sender know what to expect.

What to avoid in your out-of-office message:

As a general rule, you want to keep your message basic and straightforward. These common out-of-office message mistakes could land you in trouble:

  • Humor: We all love a good joke, but humor can be easily misinterpreted. Unless you are a comedian or it is on-brand for your company to include witticisms, avoid using humor and keep your out-of-office message direct. The last thing you want is to give the wrong impression about the purpose of your trip.
  • Lots of detail: The more concise you are, the easier your email will be to understand. Stick to the basics and steer clear of providing exact plans.
  • Overcommitting response times: This includes response times for your colleagues and for yourself. You can’t predict how quickly your colleagues will be able to respond in your absence, and likewise, you don’t know what amount of work will be waiting for you when you return. Don’t make promises you might have to break!
  • Typos: Out-of-office messages are often the last thing we do before we leave the office, so it can be easy to quickly cobble a message together. Be sure to proofread your message carefully. You never know who might reach out to you while you’re away!

Sample out-of-office messages for bleisure trips:

Below are five sample out-of-office messages that you can copy and paste in entirety or that you can use to pick and choose your favorite elements to craft your own reply.

Option A

Thank you for your message. I am currently out of the office:

  • From [dates], I will be at a conference and may have limited access to email.
  • From [dates], I will be on vacation and off the grid.

If your message is urgent, please contact [Colleague Name], [title], at [email]. For emergencies, I can be reached by cell: [phone number].


[Your Name]

Option B


I am currently out of the office. From [dates] I will have limited access to email, and from [dates] I will be disconnected from email completely.

If your matter is urgent, please contact [Colleague Name], [title], at [email]. If your email can wait, I will respond as soon as possible after my return on [date].


[Your Name]

Option C

Thank you for your message. I will be taking time off from [dates], and then I will be on a business trip from [dates].

I will be checking my email intermittently during the business portion of my trip. If your message is urgent, please contact:

  • For [topic/area] inquiries: [Colleague Name],
  • For [topic/area] inquiries: [Colleague Name],
  • For [topic/area] inquiries: [Colleague Name],

Thank you,

[Your Name]

Option D

Thanks for your message. I am out of the office attending [conference name] in [location] from [dates]. After the conference, I’ll be taking [dates] off to explore [location].

I'll be checking email periodically during this time. If you need immediate assistance, please contact [name], [title] at [email].

Otherwise, I will respond to your message as soon as possible after I return to my desk on [date].


[Your Name]

Option E


Our offices will be closed on [date(s)] for [Holiday Name], and then I will be traveling for business from [dates].

During the business portion of my trip, I will try to respond promptly but may only be able to reply to urgent emails. In the event of an emergency, you can reach me on my cell at [phone number]


[Your Name]

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