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Global Support for Global Business Travel

Global Support for Global Business Travel

The Navan Team

27 Jun 2019
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Four years ago when our founders started TripActions, they envisaged a truly global travel service to support our customers wherever and however they travel.

Not only do we have customers based all around the world, many of our customers’ road warriors also travel internationally. As a company, we’ve made it our mission to ensure business travel is frictionless so that these travelers can focus on achieving results while there — wherever there may be — rather than on the process of how they get there.

As we’ve grown we have learnt that a local touch is key to providing the best level of service. For example, if you are travelling in the Netherlands on business and miss a flight, the TripActions support person — a live human being — who helps you rebook will most likely be based out of our Amsterdam office and have great knowledge of the region.

Additionally, we have hired regional travel operations managers who are tasked with ensuring we have the right inventory — from flights and trains to lodging and rental cars — for those regions. That includes all of the national airlines, like British Airways, Qantas, Lufthansa, Swiss, and AirItalia, as well as the local low cost carriers. It also includes rail inventory to get you from point A to B to C and back, and the right lodging, which — those who travel inside Europe know — can vary widely depending on country and even city when it comes to standards and options.

Business travel never stands still. As a global team committed to delivering the best experience in business travel, we are here to support our customers and their travelers at every step.

To learn more about TripActions' global presence, get in touch with one of our corporate travel experience experts.

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