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Be My Guest: 3 Reasons to Book Personal Group Travel on Navan

Be My Guest: 3 Reasons to Book Personal Group Travel on Navan

Libby Zay

8 Jul 2022
3 minute read
Fang Fei and friends on a trip to Taiwan

Navan has become Fang Fei’s go-to platform for booking personal travel for herself and guests since she joined the company in September 2018.

The senior enterprise customer success manager estimates she has booked around two-dozen personal trips via the app, and many have included at least one guest. She’s traveled across the globe to her hometown in Taiwan, booked a girl’s trip to Oaxaca, Mexico, and even planned her own bachelorette party in Scottsdale using the app.

Fang is currently spending the week of July 4th in Hawaii as she celebrates her birthday. Below are three reasons why she books her personal travel with Navan, especially when traveling with friends and family.

1. Saving Time and Money with Loyalty Integration

The first thing Fang points out is how Navan allows users to save guest loyalty information, streamlining the time it takes her to book—and ultimately helping her save time and money—while earning loyalty points.

“I have a profile set up for my husband, and I’ve included his loyalty programs,” she explains. “Every time we book a flight or a hotel, all of our loyalty programs are already in there. This feature makes it easy to accrue points and I never have to search for a loyalty number.”

After loading loyalty information into Navan, the powerful search algorithm uses machine learning to browse extensive hotel, car, and airfare options while accounting for travel preferences.

This intuitive search platform allows her to make the best decision for her wallet based on points and price.

“Being able to search for a flight and have Southwest, Alaska, and United show up first is very helpful,” she said. “And because our profiles are already saved, I don’t need to re-add information each time I book.”

2. Accessing Self-Serve Capabilities

Beyond the powerful search algorithm, Fang says that she also prefers booking on Navan because she is able to use self-serve features to modify or cancel bookings for herself or her guests, even when she is away from her computer.

She has used these features for personal and business travel bookings, including one situation in which a client dinner ran late.

“I excused myself, pulled up the app, and modified my flight so that I didn’t need to cut the meeting short,” she says. “Knowing there were no fees to change my flight made my decision to focus on the meeting crystal clear.”

Fang also loves being able to rely on live travel agent support in case anything pops up outside of her control.

3. Unlocking Exclusive Deals and Rates

Fang also uses Navan as her go-to app to book personal travel for herself and friends and family because she gets access to exclusive pricing that is typically only available for business travel.

“Navan has a lot of great discounts, especially the special rates through the Lodging Collection,” she said. Many of these properties also offer added amenities such as free parking, Wi-Fi, breakfast, and coffee.

Fang has been able to take advantage of these hotel savings when extending business trips for leisure purposes.

“I’ll ask my manager if I can push out my flight, and then I’ll book the extra hotel nights for personal travel,” she says. “Then my husband can meet me, for example, on a Friday night in New York, and we can spend the whole weekend there and fly back together on Sunday or Monday.”

This trend of combining business and leisure travel, known as bleisure or blended travel, has steadily been gaining popularity over recent years.

“Being able to extend my trip by pushing out my flight has been a huge benefit for us,” Fang says. “Navan makes it easy to mix business and personal travel.”

Navan users can seamlessly add guests to their personal travel itineraries, and when traveling with family, all members can all travel under a single confirmation number. There are no fees to book personal travel on Navan, whether the travel is for yourself or for others. Start planning your next vacation today.

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