Navan Is Hiring Remote-Friendly or In-Office Travel Experience Agents in Lisbon

Navan Is Hiring Remote-Friendly or In-Office Travel Experience Agents in Lisbon

Karlie Souris

8 Jun 2022
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The rapidly growing Travel Experience team is central to Navan's mission of providing the best travel, corporate card, and expense management solution on the market. And as the business continues to expand, this team needs to scale to support our global customers. Navan recently opened up a new office in Lisbon, which will serve as a new hub for our global Travel Experience agents.

What is the Travel Experience team at Navan?

The Travel Experience team is responsible for directly supporting users in their travel needs. As owners of customer satisfaction, the Travel Experience team helps solve issues, communicates effectively, and collaborates with internal teams to remove any barriers for the traveler—all while providing a market-leading positive experience.

How is Navan adapting to the changing job market?

As the job market landscape evolves, Navan is adapting to market demands to attract the best talent. The Travel Experience team has adjusted a portion of its open roles to be remote-friendly. These additional remote options will help the Travel Experience team scale quickly and reach a broader candidate audience.

Vice President of Travel Experience EMEA, Micael Santos, shares that the new Lisbon office is quickly growing into the Travel Experience hub.

What is the new remote work policy?

The team has opened up remote roles based out of Lisbon, which gives more flexibility to individuals who live in Portugal and wish to work from home. To continue fostering the importance of those in-person relationships, remote employees can expect to come into the Lisbon office 1 or 2 times per month for team meetings, company-wide events, or huddles with managers. Remote employees may also work from another country, subject to approvals.

Employees who are in the office are provided lunch, snacks, and drinks daily.

Why join the Travel Experience Team?

This is not your average call center job. In this role, agents work through online chats and calls while collaborating with colleagues, leaders, and cross-functional teams.

The team’s user-friendly technology makes agents’ jobs as efficient and effective as possible. Navan also focuses heavily on internal training and enablement to foster a culture of meritocracy, internal mobility, and promotions. In the Travel Experience department, there’s significant upfront onboarding and training, as well as support throughout each agent’s career to help drive success and hit each person’s career goals. In addition, Navan has a fun, high-energy team!

Learn more about the Travel Experience team, or see available roles globally.

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