Talent Spotlight: Nora Bašić Grows Travel Agent Career at Navan

Talent Spotlight: Nora Bašić Grows Travel Agent Career at Navan

Libby Zay

26 Jul 2022
3 minute read
Nora Bašić in Lisbon

Nora Bašić was looking to grow her career as a travel agent, and in her first year at Navan, she did just that. The travel experience lead has been promoted twice and is now guiding a new team in a new location.

Nora is originally from Croatia, where she spent two years as a self-described “classic travel agent,” or someone who works face-to-face with clients looking to book leisure travel. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she decided to relocate to Amsterdam to experience living abroad and look for new career options. That’s where she found Navan.

In Amsterdam, Nora began at Navan as an associate travel agent in June 2021. Six months later, the company promoted her. Then, when Navan decided to turn Lisbon into its new hub for global Travel Experience agents in June 2022, the company called on Nora to become a travel experience lead.

In her new role, Nora coaches and develops members of the Travel Experience team and supports them with any assistance. The team solves any issues Navan users encounter through online chats, phone calls, and emails.

Nora instantly connected with the culture at Navan. “It is exactly what I was looking for: A diverse and inclusive culture where you can meet people from around the world and connect.”

At the new office in Lisbon, Nora enjoys perks such as the outdoor terrace, free snacks and drinks, and a daily lunch per diem. But the camaraderie there is what is truly special: The team takes the time to celebrate birthdays, and they often eat lunch and listen to music together—including listening sessions of a colleague’s indie rock concerts.

“They have gigs in and around Lisbon, so we often gather to go have a bite first and then listen to the band,” Nora said.

“You can just be who you are here, and you will be accepted and valued,” she said. “And everyone can bring something else, some other quality or value. That's the beauty of this work culture and the main reason I enjoy it.”

Nora also spoke about the value of fostering relationships in person, explaining that she missed having face-to-face interactions during the pandemic. Luckily, Navan was founded to power the in-person connections that move people, ideas, and businesses forward.

“Being in this new office with all the new agents, I feel very happy that I have the opportunity to help them in person,” she said. “I can go to their desk, explain something, and actually show them how to complete tasks.”

Nora is also happy living and working in Lisbon. “It’s impossible to be in a bad mood when you have such good weather and food,” she said. “The city itself is just amazing.”

And for those that are looking for new roles in Portugal, a job with the Travel Experience team is an opportunity that “ticks a lot of boxes,” she said. “When you check the salaries, the benefits, and the location of the office—this is definitely something special.”

As the team fills positions at the new office, Nora said they are looking for creative, hardworking people. “All these skills a team member needs can be taught, so if the energy is there and they are willing to learn and be part of creating this new team—that is all that matters.”

Navan is hiring for the Travel Experience team across global locations. See open roles at Navan today.

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