Ready for Takeoff: Navan Tech Blog

Ready for Takeoff: Navan Tech Blog

The Navan Team

15 Sep 2022
1 minute read
TripActions Tech Blog

Navan wouldn't be the global force it is today without its engineers. Since the company's inception more than seven years ago, leveraging technology to achieve elegant and efficient solutions has always been at its core. Driving those solutions are the engineers who have largely remained behind the scenes—until today.

The Navan Tech Blog went live this morning. The blog is a new hub for Navan engineers to showcase their talent and fantastic work. For the most part, engineers will author the blogs and give readers first-hand insight into their learnings, solutions, and approaches.

Already on the blog are posts that illustrate:

Stay tuned for more posts on code, tools, technologies, and processes, as well as content that gives a sense of the engineering culture at Navan.

As Keagan Elsley, director of engineering, said in the introductory blog post, "Follow along as we continue to build the product and build this blog; Navan engineers have a lot to share with the global engineering community."

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