Creating a Supportive, Inclusive Space for Parents at Navan

Creating a Supportive, Inclusive Space for Parents at Navan

Libby Zay

15 Jul 2022
3 minute read
TripParents at a play date in the Bay Area

From birth announcements to graduation photos—and all the milestones in between—parents at Navan share special moments, learn from one another, and lean on each other via an Employee Resource Group (ERG) just for them.

The TripParents ERG is on a mission to recognize, uplift, and support parents. Members are very active on Slack, where they share questions and advice, kid-friendly activities and travel tips, and various parenting wins, fails, and funny moments.

“The Slack channel is a safe space for parents to talk about what is going on in their lives and their minds when it comes to parenting and their kids,” said Jessica Johnson, TripParents global co-lead and manager of travel experience leads. She has a blended family with four children aged 4 to 18.

“Being a parent is not sunshine and rainbows all of the time, but there are moments throughout every day when it’s amazing,” she said.

Susan Linder, enterprise travel specialist, also serves as global co-lead. She has a 3-year-old and a 5-year-old and enjoys the challenge of juggling the dual responsibilities of parenting and working.

“When I get done with a day, I always feel like a superhero,” she said.

But even superheroes need support. That’s why Tricia Bryant, people success director, created an offshoot of the group, #MomHardWorkHard, specifically for moms and moms-to-be.

“I created the channel because I've found navigating the transition to becoming a working mom to be challenging, and I wanted to see if there were other moms within Navan feeling the same way,” said Bryant, who has a 16-month-old. “I thought creating a safe space for us to talk about the highs and lows of juggling motherhood and a career would be a great way to build a community.”

TripParents also has regional groups that support parents where they live and plan activities, such as the “play date” pictured above, when families from the Bay Area gathered for a picnic at Mitchell Park in Palo Alto this past May. Parents organized a potluck, and their children enjoyed the playground, music, bubbles, hula hoops, and baseball.

Moving forward, Johnson and Linder are seeking additional ways that parents can connect offline and recommendations on how Navan can support parents.

“Coming out of COVID, the company has recognized the importance of being with your family and managing your work-life balance,” said Linder. “Leadership is also very focused on getting feedback from employees and taking action on that feedback.”

All parents (birthing and non-birthing) employed at Navan are eligible for paid leave. The company also offers unlimited paid vacation and medical, dental, and vision benefits for employees and their families.

TripParents is one of 10 ERGs at Navan. These voluntary, employee-led groups support and unite diverse communities to cultivate a greater sense of awareness and belonging throughout the company.

Diversity, equality, and inclusion permeate every part of the mission at Navan, and the workplace is built to be a foundation for personal and professional growth—regardless of an employee’s gender, nationality, or background. Interested in a career at Navan? See what roles are available today.

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