TripActions Announces Industry-First Click-to-Accept Schedule Change Feature

Feature adds to growing list of confidence-boosting self-serve corporate tools

PALO ALTO, November 17, 2021 — TripActions, the only all-in-one travel, expense, and corporate card solution, today announced Click-to-Accept Schedule Change, a new travel feature designed to streamline the rebooking process for airline-initiated changes to an itinerary. The self-serve feature adds to the growing roster of consumer-grade tools that empower traveling employees to navigate changes to an itinerary without having to rely on manual support.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added complexity to travel; to navigate, travelers have increased their reliance on both manual assistance (agent support) and technological tools to automate previously manual processes, such as automated unused ticket credit application and self-serve chatbot customer support.

This increased reliance on assistance is especially apparent in business travel; TripActions data show that nearly 50% of all business travel support requests are flight-related. Further, 30% of all TripActions flight bookings in 2021 have been impacted by an airline-initiated change in schedule — a 2% increase in airline-driven changes, despite air capacity shrinking by 29%. Eleven percent of all changes are considered major; a major schedule change is generally defined as a schedule change of 30+ minutes or a change in the final destination city.

To ensure all TripActions users are well prepared for the unexpected, TripActions’ Click-to-Accept Schedule Change feature notifies travelers of airline-initiated major changes via email, text, or push notifications (often before the airline) and deep-links to a traveler’s itinerary. Within the itinerary, each traveler can view and click to accept the carrier’s proposed alternate flight without the need to speak with an agent — alleviating the burden on the entire air travel ecosystem.

TripActions’ new Click-to-Accept Schedule Change functionality joins a suite of self-serve traveler features, including:

“While there are existing airline and consumer apps that allow for rebooking after an airline-initiated cancellation, delay, or schedule change, no other TMC or OBT corporate travel apps offer this functionality,” says Danny Finkel, Chief Travel Officer at TripActions. “It’s yet another example of TripActions leading the charge to modernize corporate travel tools, keeping the focus on user needs.”

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