As Part of Bringing the TMC into the 21st Century, TripActions Announces Unprecedented Trust and Transparency Program

Corporate travel managers no longer have to choose between a best-in-class user experience or an enterprise-grade, global infrastructure that scales with their business; TripActions delivers both in a single platform

SAN FRANCISCO – October 2, 2019 – TripActions, the fastest-growing business travel platform trusted by the world’s most innovative companies, demonstrated at its travel + tech festival, TRAVERSE 19, that corporate travel managers can leave the status quo and antiquated systems behind. Unlike legacy platforms limited by outdated technology and thinking, TripActions combines an industry-leading consumer-like experience with an enterprise-grade global infrastructure that scales. Ushering in a new era for TMCs, TripActions announced today its trust and transparency program to further empower travel managers to build and manage best-in-class, 21st Century travel programs.

“Business travelers expect the same convenience, choice and instant gratification they get as consumers, yet until now, the vast majority of the corporate travel management industry has failed them,” noted TripActions Co-founder and CEO Ariel Cohen. “When we started TripActions, we flipped the industry on its head, putting users first. And in creating a product, service and experience users love, solved for the needs of the enterprise and the travel manager.”

“Now we’re building on our history of innovation, re-imagining the TMC to give enterprises and their travelers unheard-of choice and transparency to earn their trust,” added Cohen. “Travel managers no longer have to compromise; they can finally get a great user experience and scalable global infrastructure in a single platform with TripActions.”

From the onset, TripActions set out to delight users with AI-driven personalization that delivers consumer-like booking convenience, unrivaled global inventory that offers unmatched choice and superior 24/7 live human support that creates trust – all of which combine to drive high traveler satisfaction of 93%. As a result, platform adoption is consistently above 90% and travelers willingly comply with their company’s travel policy, leading to significantly better spend visibility and control for travel managers while also enabling them to see where employees are traveling at any given time (via the TripActions live traveler map) to fulfill their duty of care commitments.

“TripActions choice and trust create a win-win-win,” furthered Cohen. “It’s a win for travelers who get the best experience in business travel; it’s a win for companies and travel managers who are able to maximize their corporate travel programs; and it’s a win for suppliers who are happy their inventory is presented to travelers in a B2B context.”

During TRAVERSE 19, Cohen and VP of Product Anique Drumright revealed a reimagined Admin Dashboard and new Trust Center that combine to create unprecedented transparency in the corporate travel management industry.

Redesigned Admin Dashboard Delivers Unparalleled Insights The role of any travel management platform is to support the travel manager in driving traveler engagement and adoption. TripActions does so by delivering on convenience, choice and trust to create a great end-to-end traveler experience users love. To further support travel managers, TripActions has reimagined its Admin Dashboard to provide clear and easily accessible insights with real-time reporting for all travelers globally, giving travel managers a holistic view of program performance to be able to best optimize for:

VP of Finance at letgo David Wieseneck praised the TripActions Admin Dashboard: “If our employees don’t love our corporate travel solution, they won’t use it, limiting both our visibility into our travel spend and our ability to make business decisions and policy improvements. With the insights we get from the TripActions Admin Dashboard, we’ve been able to make program decisions that have driven adoption to 99%, giving us near complete visibility into spend. Plus, that high adoption coupled with soaring NPS ratings tell us our employees love our travel program and TripActions.”

Setting a New Standard for Trust and Transparency As TripActions has rapidly grown to more than 2,000 customers globally, the company has demonstrated its ability to scale quickly while maintaining very high levels of service as a result of its unique global infrastructure. The company is so confident in its platform, it has made a commitment to publish its metrics and lead transparency in the industry. The new TripActions Trust Center complements the individual program data available to traveler managers via the Admin Dashboard with unprecedented real-time public access to performance data for the TripActions platform, including:

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