Lufthansa Group BusinessToGo in partnership with Navan launched as new innovative travel solution for small and medium businesses

FRANKFURT, May 4, 2022 — Lufthansa Group airlines and Navan today announced an innovative, all-in-one business travel platform for small- and medium-sized companies. The pioneering, user-friendly solution provides direct access to flight, accommodation, rail, and car rental content elevated by a fast and personalized booking process that leverages advanced technology and enables access to all attractive NDC offers. With the launch, the two companies are implementing an important part of their joint vision to proactively shape the landscape for managed travel in the new, increasingly digital corporate customer relationship.

“I am delighted that today we are going live with a completely new booking and servicing platform for the first time since more than a decade," says Tamur Goudarzi Pour, Senior Vice President Channel Management at Lufthansa Group Network Airlines and Chief Commercial Officer SWISS. “We’re bringing the seamless travel experience for our corporate customers to a new industry leading level thanks to our strategic partnership with Navan. As an emerging global leader in digital travel management Navan is the ideal partner for this 360-degree travel solution.”

Corporate clients can choose between two BusinessToGo platform tiers depending on individualized needs: an Essentials and a Premium package. In both versions, corporate clients can access the entire range of flights from the Lufthansa Group and its joint venture partners, as well as a broad range of hotel, train, and rental car content from Navan. Customers also benefit from enhanced policy and profile management, Navan hotel negotiated rates, duty of care and CO2 emissions reporting, real-time management information, 24/7 support and centralized billing, all of which enables the holistic management of a company’s travel program. In addition, members of the Lufthansa Group's PartnerPlusBenefit program have the opportunity to collect points directly via the booking platform and redeem them online.

With the Premium package, corporate customers are offered enhanced on-boarding and support in configuring the platform if needed, in addition to access to the offers of other airlines. For the fee charged per trip in the Premium package, corporate customers can make unlimited use of the servicing support provided by Navan.

“With the launch of the new travel solution we’re providing unmanaged small and midsize corporate customers the ability to use an innovative and modern business booking platform that combines the latest technologies and a wide range of flights, hotels, and rental cars with the advantages of PartnerPlusBenefit,” adds Stefan Kreuzpaintner, Senior Vice President Sales for Lufthansa Group Network Airlines and Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Airline.

“We are excited to see the results of a winning collaboration between Navan and Lufthansa Group airlines go live after our initial announcement in December,” says Danny Finkel, Chief Commercial Officer at Navan. “This product is a great example of the way in which world-leading technology can join with world-leading support and service to help forever change the value equation for corporate travelers. We are grateful for Lufthansa Group airlines’ pioneering vision and partnership that allowed us to build this industry-first product in such a short time.”

Corporate customers can learn more on the Lufthansa Group for Business and PartnerPlusBenefit websites, and register directly at Lufthansa Group BusinessToGo in partnership with Navan is available immediately in the DACH home markets of Lufthansa Group airlines (Austria, Germany, and Switzerland) as well as in Belgium and will be supplemented with further offers and functionalities over the course of the year, which includes benefits such as upgrades, corporate products and additional languages. The platform will be rolled out successively in additional markets.

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