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Unlock Extended-Stay Rates with Navan

Unlock Extended-Stay Rates with Navan

Samantha Shankman

29 Jan 2024
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Unlock Extended-Stay Rates with Navan

Extended-stay rates offer a cost-effective solution for corporations and employees facing long-term assignments, projects, or relocation challenges. Unlike standard hotel stays, extended stays offer the comfort and amenities necessary for spending weeks or months away from home, such as fully equipped kitchens and spacious suites.

Understanding Extended-Stay Rates

Extended-stay rates are tailored for longer stays, providing more affordable hotel rates compared to the traditional nightly rate. These rates include amenities designed for long-term guests, such as on-site laundry facilities and full kitchens, that make extended-stay hotels or rentals perfect for business travelers and relocating employees.

Comparing Extended Stay Solutions: Hotels vs. Serviced Apartments

When considering extended-stay accommodations, it’s essential to understand the critical differences between hotels and serviced apartments to determine which option best aligns with your needs and preferences.

Hotels typically offer daily housekeeping, on-site dining options, and other amenities such as fitness centers and business lounges. They are ideal for shorter extended stays or for travelers who prioritize convenience and service. 

Serviced apartments offer a more home-like environment, with fully equipped kitchens, living areas, and sometimes even laundry facilities. By catering to long-term stays, they offer a sense of normalcy and the ability to maintain daily routines.

Cost Considerations

Serviced apartments may offer better value for longer stays, due to reduced rates and the ability to cook meals in the apartment and save on dining costs.

Lifestyle and Comfort

Serviced apartments may be better for families or those who desire more space and a home-like setting, while hotels might be preferable for solo travelers or those on business trips who can benefit from hotel services and amenities.

Flexibility and Services 

Serviced apartments often provide more flexible lease terms, making them ideal for uncertain project durations or extended relocation processes. Hotels, on the other hand, might offer more straightforward booking but less flexibility regarding lease length.

Why Choose Navan for Extended-Stay Bookings

Navan is an end-to-end business travel solution that enables companies to scale travel programs. It offers an unrivaled inventory of travel options that empowers travelers to book in minutes, thanks to its intuitive AI-powered user interface that returns personalized results.

When it comes to extended stays, Navan offers flexible, cost-saving booking options with extended-stay hotel rooms and serviced apartment rentals that include important amenities for travelers crafting a temporary home, such as:

  • Pet-friendly rooms
  • Fully equipped kitchens with stovetops and full-size refrigerators
  • Spacious suites with flat-screen TVs
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Free parking
  • On-site guest laundry or laundry facilities
  • Business centers

More travelers are taking advantage of this option: Navan Group’s data reveals that 15% of all accommodations bookings in 2023 were for extended-stay apartments.

How to Access Extended-Stay Rates with Navan

1. Search for Accommodations

Navan makes it easy to search for diverse accommodations suitable for extended stays around the globe. Navan takes into account travelers’ loyalty or rewards programs and highlights which hotels fall within their current programs.

2. Understand Rate Options

Navan offers a variety of rate options, from nightly room rates to monthly rates, to accommodate different lengths of stay. Travelers can select the accommodation that best suits their needs and see whether it falls within the company travel policy.

3. Book and Confirm

Navan guides users through a seamless booking and confirmation process that highlights details like special rates available for Navan users, as well as additional perks. Employees can book in USD or their local currency and easily see what is included in the stay, whether that’s free breakfast or early check-in.

4. Manage Your Booking

Navan provides tools for post-confirmation booking management. It’s easy to adjust check-in dates or address accommodation needs to ensure every aspect of the extended stay meets expectations.

5. Track Expenses with Navan Expense

When a company leverages Navan’s end-to-end travel and expense management solution, employees can book guest rooms or take advantage of hotel deals with any credit card. Managers will get immediate visibility into those expenses the instant they go through.

While many corporate apartments are available directly within the Navan booking platform for short-term stays, it’s advised that long-term corporate apartment stays for 30 days or longer be booked and managed through Navan Pro.

Navan Pro, powered by Reed & Mackay, elevates the entire travel experience by offering exclusive support channels, a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants, and enhanced personalization. 

Upgrade the Travel Experience with Navan Pro

Navan Pro offers:

  • Exclusive support channels with specialized travel consultants: Designated consultants with 15+ years of travel expertise are available globally 24/7 through dedicated email or phone.

  • Enhanced personalization: Profiles are enhanced with loyalty programs and preferences, such as airline seats or hotel amenities, to make every trip seamless and comfortable.

  • Proactive incident management: From booking to trip completion, the Navan Pro team monitors itineraries and receives real-time flight status updates to ensure travelers reach their destinations.

Maximizing the Benefits of Extended Stays with Navan

Leveraging Navan enables corporations and their employees to enjoy the benefits of extended-stay rates without the typical booking hassles. With a focus on convenience, cost savings, and comprehensive support, Navan is the ideal solution for accessing a broad spectrum of long-stay apartments to meet modern travelers’ evolving needs. Thanks to listings available on the Navan platform and customized stays available via the exclusive services of Navan Pro, all travelers can find their ideal extended-stay solution.

Start booking corporate apartments today with Navan.

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