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Maximize Loyalty Points on Work Trips with Navan

Maximize Loyalty Points on Work Trips with Navan

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Libby Zay

24 Feb 2023
3 minute read
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Business travel and loyalty go hand in hand. If business travelers are unable to reap rewards through their employer's travel management platform, chances are sky-high that they will book elsewhere. 

After all, traveling for work creates a valuable opportunity to earn points and miles that can be used for everything from priority check-in and airport lounge access to complimentary upgrades and free flights or hotels. 

So it’s no surprise that around 78% of business travelers who take three or more trips per year are members of travel loyalty programs. A corporate travel platform that ignores hotel and airline loyalty programs is inherently problematic for these road warriors. 

Navan solves this problem by allowing travelers to earn loyalty points from third-party travel brands through the platform. There’s no need to book directly with air, hotel, car, or train travel providers, and all of these types of bookings can be managed in a single place.

And with Navan, business travelers can earn even more rewards, because companies can incentivize employees who book hotels that save the company money. The idea is simple: The more an employee saves their company on travel expenses, the more rewards they earn to use on personal travel booked through Navan. And best of all: The program is entirely funded by Navan — it doesn't cost companies a cent.

As the travel industry shifts loyalty programs to accommodate leisure and bleisure segments, loyalty is poised to influence a larger audience than ever before. Navan users can earn points for business and personal bookings, and uniquely, they can manage it all in one place.

Let’s take a look at how easy it is to earn third-party loyalty points and miles directly through Navan.

Step 1: Add your loyalty information to the Navan app.

Moving forward, you won’t ever need to search for your loyalty account numbers — or any flight, hotel, car, or train confirmation numbers, either. From now on, all of this information will be available in the Navan app.

Navan Loyalty Screenshot - Adding loyalty affiliations

Pro tip: You can also add your known traveler number (KTN), seat preferences, special assistance info, and dietary preferences to your Navan profile.

Step 2: Browse search results that take your affiliations into account.

Check it out: Your search results serve up the best rates that help you earn loyalty points. It may seem like magic, but it’s actually science: There’s a powerful search algorithm using machine learning to take your loyalty and travel preferences into account.

Fares and rates that don’t earn loyalty points also surface in the search, allowing travelers to choose between rates that earn loyalty points and those that provide other potential incentives.

Navan Loyalty - Search results with loyalty affiliation

Step 3: Book confidently and watch as your loyalty points are automatically applied to bookings.

Just like that, you’re done. On average, a full booking — flight, hotel, and car — takes just 6 minutes on Navan.

Navan Loyalty - Checkout

Bonus Step: Earn Navan Rewards.

If you saw the Navan Rewards symbol when you booked, just double-dipped your rewards! After you complete your travel, you can redeem rewards for personal travel booked on Navan.

Navan Loyalty - Loyalty club logos and Navan Rewards badging

Now that is how you maximize rewards!

Ready to start using Navan today? Get up and running in 5 minutes.

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