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Navan Makes It Easy to Book Extended-Stay Corporate Apartments

Samantha Shankman

21 Feb 2024
4 minute read

The need for extended stays is growing across various industries, and Navan is leading this trend by offering a wide range of corporate apartments for travelers seeking comfort and convenience. 

An extended-stay corporate apartment is a type of lodging designed for business travelers who need accommodation for longer periods — typically 30 days or more. These apartments come fully furnished and equipped with amenities that cater to the needs of professionals on long-term assignments, projects, or relocations.

Unlike traditional hotels, extended-stay corporate apartments offer a more home-like environment, with amenities such as kitchens, living areas, separate bedrooms, and sometimes even gyms and pools. They provide a comfortable and practical solution for travelers seeking the convenience and services of a hotel and the space and privacy of an apartment.

Business travelers are taking advantage: Navan Group’s data reveals that 15% of all bookings are for extended-stay apartments. The data also shows that industries such as law, construction, and development frequently opt for accommodations that offer the comfort and amenities of a longer stay.

With corporate apartments and extended-stay hotels available on the Navan platform for shorter trips, and customized housing options available via Navan Pro for long-term trips, every traveler can find an ideal apartment for any situation.

For shorter trips, the Navan Group collaborates with various housing partners — such as Placemakr, Edyn, StayCity, Cheval, Sonder, Mint House, Roost, and Marriott Apartments — all of which are available to book directly on the Navan platform and typically do not have a 30-day limit. Travelers can book these types of apartments instead of a hotel for as short as a night or two.

For those seeking a more personalized experience for 30 days or more, Navan Pro offers access to providers like AltoVita, Silverdoor, SITU, and City Apartments London, which ensure a tailored stay for every traveler and are specifically designed for longer, months-long stays. The corporate apartments available through these platforms can only be booked through Navan’s business consultants because they require a higher level of service. 

Navan’s Corporate Apartment Partners

  • AltoVita

  • Placemakr

  • Edyn

  • StayCity

  • Sonder

  • Mint House

  • Roost

  • Silverdoor

  • SITU

  • Synergy

  • City Apartments London

Alessandra Rossi, manager of lodging partnerships at Navan Group, emphasizes the importance of offering a diverse range of extended-stay options. This flexibility ensures that every traveler's unique needs are met, whether self-serve booking through the Navan platform or with the bespoke services of Navan Pro.

“The demand for comfort and flexibility has never been higher. Navan’s dedication to providing a wide array of extended-stay options caters precisely to this need,” said Rossi.

“By partnering with leading housing providers and leveraging our platform, we ensure that every traveler finds their home away from home, whether for a month-long project or a more extended relocation. We aim to make every stay as personalized and seamless as possible.”

Jessica Dunderdale, senior director of client partnerships at AltoVita, a Navan partner, highlights the growth in extended-stay trends. 

“The extended-stay corporate accommodations sector in the United States has experienced notable growth, driven by changing business travel patterns and the increasing demand for flexible, longer-term lodging options,” said Dunderdale. 

“This growth is reflected in the rising popularity of serviced apartments, corporate housing, and extended-stay hotels. To meet guests’ evolving needs, there have been efforts toward standardization, with industry stakeholders working on establishing consistent services, amenities, and operational procedures comparable with the familiarity of hotels.”

How to Book Extended Stays with Navan Pro

While many corporate apartments are available directly within the Navan booking platform for short-term stays, it’s advised that long-term corporate apartment stays for 30 days or longer be booked and managed through Navan Pro.

Navan Pro, powered by Reed & Mackay, elevates the entire travel experience by offering exclusive support channels, a dedicated team of experienced travel consultants, and enhanced personalization. 

Navan Pro offers:

  • Exclusive support channels with specialized travel consultants: Designated consultants, each with 15+ years of travel expertise, is available globally 24/7 through dedicated email or phone.
  • Enhanced personalization: Profiles are enhanced with loyalty programs and preferences, such as airline seats or hotel amenities, to make every trip seamless and comfortable.
  • Proactive incident management: From booking to trip completion, the Navan Pro team monitors itineraries and receives real-time flight status updates to ensure travelers reach their destinations.

Navan Pro also offers a range of exclusive pre-trip and transportation services, which include: 

  • Pre-trip itinerary quality assurance checks
  • Black car and limousine services
  • Fast-track immigration services 
  • Arranged airport meet-and-greets
  • Private jets, charters, and helicopters

Navan is committed to providing a broad spectrum of long-stay apartments to meet modern travelers’ evolving needs. Thanks to listings available on the Navan platform and customized stays available via the exclusive services of Navan Pro, every traveler can find their ideal extended-stay solution.

Start booking corporate apartments today with Navan.

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