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How is road warrior business travel happening now?

After all, the pandemic upended traditional travel patterns. Navan data shows that new groups of employees are now hitting the road, and a survey from Skift says the purpose is usually to bond as a team rather than to close a sales deal.

To celebrate these new travelers and offer a window into the way the road warrior travels now, we put together this guide.

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Road Warrior Travel Tips

The guide is full of advice to help smooth the journey of any business traveler. You’ll pick up useful tips like what the best suitcases are for road warriors right now, and how road warriors can most effectively earn and burn loyalty points?

You’ll also learn fun facts, like business travelers’ most popular fast-food restaurants.

In addition, we consulted business experts for some refresher tips on networking skills, which will come in handy for those all-important conferences and networking events.

Another post-pandemic travel trend: Bleisure, or blended, travel has not only returned, but more managers now actively encourage employees to extend their business trips, according to Skift. Some companies even offer a stipend to help pay for employee downtime. In other words, you may find yourself with some extra time in a destination, either before or after you’ve taken care of business. To help, we put together some fun extras that anyone can enjoy when spending 24 extra hours in three global hot spots.

And, since offsites are all the rage, what are some fun ideas for running a nontraditional offsite? You may be surprised at some of the innovative options for team-building.

What Road Warrior Business Travel Looks Like Now

In addition to road warrior travel tips and suggestions, this guide also offers some captivating stories. You’ll hear from the first documented Black woman to travel to every country on earth and see some of the gorgeous photos she took along the way.

You’ll also read about the state of train travel in Europe. It provides many upsides for business travelers, as it’s less of a hassle than flying and does more to help the environment. But as it expands and becomes more popular, this transportation method has some challenges that need to be overcome, such as expanding train networks across borders. Where is it all headed? Find out.

But railroads aren’t the only area of travel that’s innovating. Airports have been busy upgrading their infrastructure in order to facilitate the experience for all travelers. You’ll read some of the smart ideas that are growing in airports across America — including technological developments speeding these buildings into the future.

Check it out: Download the Road Warrior’s Cheat Sheet now

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