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VaynerMedia Accelerates Hiring with Navan Expense

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VaynerMedia, which was founded in 2009, employs 800-plus people and has offices in New York, Los Angeles, Mexico City, London, Singapore, Tokyo, Bangkok, and Sydney.

It’s a fast-growing company with unique issues to solve, particularly with travel and expense (T&E).

The company previously used three solutions for its T&E:

  • American Express for corporate cards
  • Expensify for expense management
  • SAP Concur for booking travel

As a result, getting visibility and monitoring reconciliation caused headaches; those processes also took up costly employee time and energy.

But then VaynerMedia turned to Navan for a smooth, all-in-one travel, corporate card, and expense management solution — and the decision has paid off.


  • Three different T&E solutions with no native integration
  • Poor visibility with spend
  • Spend reporting delayed for up to a month
  • Poor user experience

Results with Navan

  • Single, unified T&E solution
  • Real-time visibility into all spend globally
  • 100% of flights paid using Navan Expense
  • 97% of Navan Expense charges require zero review

A desktop view of a complete expense spend overview using the Navan app

Automated Expense Reconciliation

“With Navan Expense, the vast majority of transactions fly right through. If we had to manually reconcile 10,000 transactions with the Amex/Expensify solution, we now have to reconcile five with Navan Expense. The other 9,995 fly right through from transaction to report,” said VaynerMedia’s VP of Finance, Mike McGee.

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Real-Time Visibility

“People are our value,” said McGee. “The content that our people create is what creates value for our clients. In the red-hot creative hiring market, we need to win talent quickly. With accurate, real-time reporting, Navan Expense removed the bottleneck around the most urgent decision-making task within the company: hiring.”

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Employee Perks with Navan Personal Travel

“Every perk counts in this current hiring environment, especially when hiring creators who are in such high demand,” said McGee. “If you’re a talented creator, everybody, whether it be a creative agency or people in-house, wants to bring you in. With more and more people becoming global citizens and loving travel, it’s an absolute perk to be able to offer Navan for personal travel. I would say, especially for people of my generation, that a perk that encourages and simplifies travel matters more than anything else.”

We're global and we're growing exponentially. Since 2019, we now have a presence in Canada, London, Europe proper, Singapore, Australia, Thailand, Japan, and Mexico. Thanks to Navan Expense, we have real-time visibility no matter the country. We’re now able to confidently report T&E day one or two into the month, expediting our ability to forecast.

Mike McGee

VP of Finance

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