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Fusion Consulting Gets Off to a Flying Start with Navan

Navan team business trip to Berlin

After deciding its previous travel provider couldn’t support its growth plans, Fusion Consulting turned to Navan to get on the right track.

“Our previous provider had different platforms for different countries, which meant we had to maintain user information, hotel contracts, and everything else, across multiple separate platforms. It was a job in itself," explained Franz Poike, head of operations at Fusion Consulting.

The company wanted a unified travel platform, in-depth data on program performance and traveler whereabouts, and mobile app functionality. And they needed a solution that could grow with the company as it expands into new markets.

Challenges Before Navan

  • Inefficient travel solution with different platforms for different markets
  • Manual data processing
  • Old-fashioned platforms

Results with Navan

13% savings on flights

24% savings on hotels

81% mobile app adoption

+57 net promoter score (excellent)

A collage view of the expense reimbursements interface in euro currency on the Navan mobile app and a man enjoying the Navan app on his phone

Travel payments made easy

Before Navan, employees paid for travel themselves and requested reimbursement after their trips. When booking travel now, Navan’s travel payment solution simplifies the process by generating a unique virtual card for each transaction, so employees no longer pay out of their own pockets.

Navan traveler enjoying chat support using the Navan app

The super app that does it all

Fusion Consulting employees consider the intuitive Navan mobile app a real bonus. “They can access the information they need easily, and the app proactively updates them about their trip with information about flight delays or gate numbers,” says Franz.

  • An impressive 81% of employees have the Navan app
  • The excellent NPS score of +57 demonstrates the platform’s popularity

Navan’s in-app chat support is also a big hit. “Employees can chat to support from anywhere and get the answers they need in minutes — it works really well,” comments Franz. The current rating of all chats, 4.6/5, underlines this sentiment.

Picture of Navan employees shaking hands

Looking ahead: scaling confidently

Franz says Fusion Consulting needed “a solution that can grow with us,” with a large global travel inventory that catered to its planned expansion into new markets.

Fusion Consulting is poised to grow its headcount significantly over the coming years, and the company does so with confidence, knowing it can rely on Navan to meet its travel needs.

As we continue to expand into new markets, we have full confidence in Navan’s global platform and see it as an invaluable partner in our mission.

Franz Poike

Head of Operations

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